John MacArthur Pulls Out of Ligonier Conference

By Julie Roys
John MacArthur Ligonier
In the wake of a scandal, John MacArthur pulls out of Ligonier 2022 conference. (Screengrab from MacArthur speaking at 2021 Ligonier conference.)

John MacArthur has pulled out of the Ligonier 2022 Conference. The cancellation comes after revelations that MacArthur had apparently promoted a convicted child abuser and shamed the abuser’s wife. However, a church where MacArthur also was slated to speak in March has stated MacArthur is cancelling its engagement due to “family health issues.”

MacArthur, who’s been a mainstay at the conference for decades, was slated to speak at Ligonier 2022, March 24—26 in Orlando, Florida.

Friday morning, The Roys Report  noticed that MacArthur had been removed from the conference website and tweeted about the discovery. Friday evening, Ligonier Ministries responded to a request for comment, saying:

Thank you for your inquiry. Dr. MacArthur informed us this week that he will be unable to join us for next week’s conference. I do not have any other details and would encourage you to reach out to Dr. MacArthur’s office.

The Roys Report reached out to MacArthur for comment but did not immediately hear back.

However, we then discovered a post on Facebook post indicating MacArthur was cancelling a speaking engagement at Calvary Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama, due to health issues.

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On March 8, The Roys Report published an exposé with exclusive video showing that MacArthur shamed and excommunicated the wife of child abuser, David Gray, for refusing to take Gray back into her home.

On March 17, we published an article documenting how MacArthur’s Grace Community Church (GCC) promoted and supported Gray even after his 2005 convictions for aggravated child molestation and child abuse. Records and eyewitnesses revealed that GCC told congregants that Gray was innocent and blamed his convictions on his ex-wife. Grace even helped Gray launch and run a ministry in the prison, called Grace Prison Fellowship.

The Roys Report has repeatedly sought comment from MacArthur and GCC about the incidents involving David Gray and his wife. Neither the church nor MacArthur has responded.

This article has been updated to include information that MacArthur cancelled the event at Calvary Baptist Church due to family health issues.

CLARIFICATION: MacArthur’s cancellation is apparently not due to his own illness. Saturday, Dr. Steve Lawson posted a picture to Instagram of MacArthur , Steve Jones, and Lawson golfing.

MacArthur Lawson




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83 thoughts on “John MacArthur Pulls Out of Ligonier Conference”

  1. For someone who believe that their action were right and just, they sure don’t seem to be very forthcoming with an explanation. I wonder how Phil and Justin are gonna spin this?

    1. Anita VanOteghen

      John MacArthur doesn’t owe anyone an explanation of what or why he decides what is best for him and his family as well as what is best for his church family.

      1. Leslie Chisholm

        Because John MacArthur is a Pastor, Teacher, Expositor, he is absolutely MORE accountable than anyone to give an explanation/apology especially on the magnitude of this issue with the Grays and what he did to Eileen Gray specifically.

      2. Yes, he is too accountable. He’s taken the job and the money and is accountable. He should be held to the same standards to which he holds everyone else.

      3. Daniel Bonville

        His reputation as a true servant of God for all the years I’ve known him requires no explanation for the decisions he has made this far in his life & career.
        1 Peter 5:8-11 NKJV
        Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. [9] Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. [10] But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. [11] To Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.
        We as men of Christ know how the devil will use media in an attempt to strip John MacArthur of everything he has done in total comittance in his life long dedicated life in our Holy Triune God, through the seminary, as well as Grace church.; Dan Bonville

    2. Well how can MacArthur justices crazy remarks after Charlottesville ??

      MacArthur CLEARLY verbally attacked the people protesting the nazis at Charlottesville but totally mitigated and exonerated the nazis and alt right white nationalists who murdered Heather Hyer.

  2. Mark Zimmerman

    It’s been readily apparent for many years that MacArthur is sick and should not be speaking anywhere that values truth, integrity, and godly character.

    1. I don’t think I have to point out beginning with Ravi Zacharias that there seems to be a pattern emerging that shows effective, full counsel of God ministries seem to be under petty attacks. I believe this has nothing to do with the above mentioned ministries rather than the Church of Jesus Christ being directly attacked by those who hate God, hate truth, hate the Gospel and know that the ideas of the Judeo Christian world view stands alone preventing the evil one from destroying the The true Church of Jesus Christ and the salvation of many. Think what you want, I choose to keep my eyes on my Lord and get my truth from the living God’s Book about man and information that actually corresponds to reality. Unity in His Church is paramount right now and I refuse to even consider anything outside of that God given instruction to seek first His Kingdom, his righteousness and unity in His Church.

      1. beginning with Ravi Zacharias that there seems to be a pattern emerging that shows effective, full counsel of God ministries seem to be under petty attacks… by those who hate God…

        Dale, let me get this right.

        You believe that the charges against Ravi Zacharias were “petty” and his victims “hate God”?

      2. Anita VanOteghen

        I am appalled at this attack and my heart is saddened that so many open the door wide for anything that takes our eyes off of Him and let the devil try to soil a good man and his ministry. God bless Pastor John and his church family.

        1. James Hamilton

          Our Lord Jesus Christ will have the last word concerning this matter. I have faith in the teaching of Pastor John and can see there are constant attacks on his ministry to compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I do know that our Lord said “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church” Pray for this Godly man and the future of this vital ministry….James in WA ST

          1. Amen and amen! The Christian character and witness of Pastor John Macarthur is well known. These allegations don’t detract from his work in the slightest.

      3. Dale,

        That’s totally anti-Biblical. We are CALLED and COMMANDED to expose those in the church are engaged in dishonorable and sinful activities as John MacArthur routinely does.

        Unity does not come at the expense of truth and holiness – as you are advocating.

        I perceive that you are have been indoctrinated with a form of very unhealthy tribalism that is contrary to fundamental kingdom values.

        1. Daniel Bonville

          It’s at the expense of John Mac Arthurs life long work as well. John has told us in his past sermons that those who refuse to benefit from his church’s council long can be released as a member, but only until that person repents, & confess. Then be reinstalled as a member once again. John has always followed scripture with law & gospel.

  3. Even when there is an opportunity to fess up and give a truthful explanation as to why MacArthur will not be able to attend a scheduled event, they/he still gives excuses. And remember he and his wife were “resting” during their absence from the pulpit when it came out later that they actually had the Covid virus. Is this man so far above everyone that he must be protected and given such a level of loyalty that he cannot be perceived as even being capable of making a mistake? Sitting at the table of fools seems to be a mainstay at GCC.

    1. You know, it is certainly possible that he is indeed sick. To pretty much assume that it is an excuse may well be jumping to false conclusions. People, specially older people do get sick. It may be an excuse. And it may not. It is not fair to assume that we know that for sure at this time.

    2. Perhaps the man is truly sick. There is no way for us to know for sure at this time and we maybe never will. To assume he is simply offering an excuse is jumping to conclusions and is not fair.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. I believe he is in his 80s now. Thank you Cherul Unruh for being brave enough to say so.

        1. It only proves that some folks believe the worst about others no matter what they say. We are encouraged by scripture to believe the best, to assume someone is telling the truth unless its proven otherwise. Julie Roys alluding that it may be otherwise doesnt make it fact. So, Im assuming he really isnt well, and it seems cynical to think otherwise.

          1. Did you assume you were being told the truth about resting for the conference when he had covid?

      2. Cheryl, very reasonable response by you. So many times people want to believe they know the,”situation”. But in reality none of us were there and we have to wait for the truth to come out.

    3. Okay so I don’t know who you are or what you believe. But based on my experience of attending a n umber of churches I have found that GCC and John MacArthur are the real deal and at no time have I ever heard him preach any sermon that wasn’t 100% scriptual. He is one of the formost pastors in the world. So unless you’re one of the victims you don’t have anything tosay that would be factual about the case. Nor should you try to tarnish anyone whitout facts. Sounds to me like you’re a God hater?

      1. Lordship salvation is the gospel of John macarthur and it is a false gospel – different from the gospel of grace the apostles preached and the gospel that the reformers believed in (faith alone). He may start with faith alone, but he brings works into maintaining salvation and if you believe your works maintain your salvation, you are not saved, because no works can justify or maintain salvation before God. Only the blood of Jesus can do this and it is received freely as a gift by his grace to those who believe. Believing is contrasted with working many times in scriptures. John macarthur does not understand the difference between a believer and a disciple , nor the difference between justification and sanctification. He lumps everything together into one gospel called lordship salvation and tells you, if you haven’t laid down your life to christ and you still have sin in your life, then you should question your salvation. The real gospel says its not about what we do for christ, its about what he did for us. And that it doesn’t cost us anything, its a GIFT – FREELY received by those who BELIEVE.

        1. Spot on Tim Sykes. Most “institutional church” men cannot help but earn their salvation. It is kind of like a baby with a pacifier………JM tickles the ears of these work horses. I say, keep workin’ and knock yourselves out. I know I am saved by Grace alone.

        2. Stephen M Zumbo

          I’m sorry. You are misunderstanding and misrepresenting what John has preached and written on the topic. Jesus is Lord. A person who is saved by faith in Jesus will display the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, etc. And they will also seek to obey the Lord’s commands and seek to flee from sin. Works do not maintain salvation, but they are a sign to the believer that or she is saved, and seeing such undeniable change in a one of the ways unbelievers are attracted to the Savior. I know that kindness and acts of service towards me by Christians, along with clear preaching of the Gospel from the Book of Romans are what compelled me to seek and trust the Lord.

          1. Why does a true believer, who trusts and believe in what Jesus did on the cross and rose again need to ‘prove’ anything to themselves? They don’t need signs. It seems that you do. I’d hardly call what MacArthur did to Eileen Grays to be an act of kindness and service.

      2. You are missing a key point here. The Bible is explicit in what qualities and qualifications a preacher must have. His character must be exemplary. When a preacher, who doesn’t meet those conditions, preaches from the pulpit – even when he is biblically accurate – but then fails to walk the walk and seems only able to talk the talk, he then fails to respect the very reason for being allowed to preach in the first place. He also comes across as extremely hypocritical, like a true Pharisee, when he preaches about biblical qualifications – women not being allowed to preach, for example – but then doesn’t meet the biblical standard to preach himself. That renders all that he has to preach a slight on God because a preacher/pastor is supposed to submit to God and be worthy of preaching God’s word.

        It’s a bit like serving up a five star Gourmet meal from a budget take-out food bento box. It sends out mixed messages. The same message can now be disregarded, played down, ignored, criticised.

        The Bible wouldn’t lay out the qualifications for preaching if it were not that important.

  4. It’s scary to think every sin you’ve committed thirty years ago can be found out by sleuths. All these gotcha websites, some of it is good and healthy, but some of it is just digging and digging. I’ve committed terrible sins in my past. If Julie Roys found out about them, yikes. It’s scary to repent of your past but know that someone could dig it up easily.

    1. Bonnie Lindblom

      Tom Gardiana, folks have been looking for MacArthur’s repentance, but it is yet to be found. That said, vindictive comments from any side are beneath the calling of a Christian.

      1. So Jesus is not allowed to call anyone “a white-washed tomb” which in todays lingo could be translated as a white-washed septic tank? To be like Jesus is to not mince words about snakes. He sure did not…

        1. Ralph Thank you thank you thank you. Too many Christian’s hide behind judge least ye be judged. I do not fear going before God and saying lord, I called out the den of vipers who abuse your word for their own glory. If we the church don’t call out the vipers then who will.

      2. Anita VanOteghen

        What are you talking about! YOU, I have been looking for MacArthurs repentance? Who are you that you think he owes anybody repentance except for Christ himself. If John MacArthur sins or if I do, it’s nobody’s business except for Christ alone.

    2. Gordon Hackman

      Yes, I understand the point. I’ve done things I’m not proud of, but most people don’t have the power, celebrity, influence, and even adoration that John MacArthur has. That’s why these thing matter in his case.

    3. Tom, you could say the same defending pedophiles or rapists. “Hey, I’ve sinned too! Quit picking on these guys!” I understand this is an extreme example, but hopefully you see the problem here.

      In MacArthur’s case his ‘higher calling’ needs ‘higher scrutiny.’ It sounds like you are seeing these allegations as an isolated incident cherry picked from his past, where many of us are seeing this as proof of how he operates. And bigger picture, how many in authority operate.

      If we all used the “hey, we all sin!!” argument, there would be no justice. You have to realize at some point that God is in this grand illumination of corruption in the American Christian big business machine so HE can be truly honored and glorified.

      Trust God and pray for the truth to be known at any and all costs. God’s got this!

    4. Tom,

      Grace Community Church was given a *written confession* by David Gray before MacArthur publicly shamed her for not submitting to him.

      He confessed to “punishing too harshly” with a belt and rod, striking his kids “on the head and feet” and not being “appropriately dressed” when he was with his daughter. Dropping them dragging them, locking them in a closet.

      GCC was given his confession. You can read it in the previous story here. What king of elder board would throw her out and keep him knowing this?

        1. Precisely. A Conservative Christian Elder Board, to be most precise. The problem is this: there is no such thing as an ‘adjective’ Christian: conservative or liberal progressive Christian. You are just Christian or you are not. Adjectives must be preserved, even at the expensive of following Christ’s word to the letter. It means that these believers use The Bible to align with their views and prejudices, which takes precedence; they don’t deny themselves to follow Christ. The result is that they become Satan’s buddies, by being in and of the world to the point that they believe whatever they want to believe, distorting Christ’s character, which might well be known to them rather than being ignorant of it, and they develop a ‘denial’ based cult like mentality, which becomes pride-filled, disrespectful of the law, macho and deeply conservative above and beyond being Christlike. I think of Matt 11, where Jesus rebukes cities taught the truth but didn’t repent, telling them that they will suffer the wrath of God far worse than those who were wantonly sinful but untaught the Truth, because if they had known the truth they would have repented.

    5. Julie Roys is truly exposing the true lies from John MacArthur and his associates at the Grace Community Church. His cancellation to join at the Ligonierʼs National Conference this coming week is his own alibi. He makes excuses because he is siding with the predator, David Gray. MacArthur does not know the verse, it says: “Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him and said to King Jehoshaphat, ‘Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord and so bring wrath on yourself from the Lord?’” (2 Chronicles 19:2).

      I am praying for the new leadership of Grace Community Church to stop fueling hate against women and other brethren. That church is absolutely egregious on covering up a sexual predator, but the Lord will tell you that you should never help that wicked. Hence, MacArthur and all his elders are accountable to the judgment in the Lord. I am praying for draining the swamp of hypocrisy and lies of MacArthur and others. God bless you, Julie, dear sister. You are blessed to expose the charlatans of the church like MacArthur.

    6. Tom Gardiana The way the David Gray case was handled and is currently being handled indicates there has been no repentance. That is the part that is, as you put it, “scary”. An elder must be “above reproach”. To shame and reject an abused wife and her abused children is reprehensible behavior and it is especially so when the one doing the shaming is an influential church leader.

    7. Adrianne Boylan

      The problem with this particular sin, is it’s a crime so it is not about “digging”. I agree we are all sinners and I agree I would not want my past exposed. The difference is I can ask for forgiveness and repent of my ways. There are always consequences for words and deeds, unfortunately Mr. Gray broke the law. May the consequences of his actions draw him closer to the Lord in full repentance and even thank God that he was stopped.

      1. Debra Williams

        All of this is spinning out of control, w/everyone’s comments & personal opinions. The scripture tells us to “ mind our own business “. No one really knows FACTS. B/c something is reported or judged, doesn’t mean it’s fact. Sad to see so much opinionation.

    8. Kevin Van Dyck

      Tom, I hope this doesn’t seem like piling on, since you’ve already gotten a number of replies to your comment. I will try to write this as gently and respectfully as I can.

      Certainly, we have all done awful things we wouldn’t want being brought out into the public eye. I will point out that there is a higher standard for those who are in ministry. The work being done by Julie, along with that of Warren Cole Smith and others, is aimed at an appropriate level of accountability, as well as showing the world that we Christians do expect better from our leaders.

      Considering the horrors that the victim in this story was put through by her husband, as well as by John MacArthur and his henchmen, wouldn’t you like to see at least some indication of MacArthur having a contrite spirit about this? Since part of the abuse of this woman included public humiliation by MacArthur, is it unreasonable to expect him to take to the pulpit and express his remorse, if he has any?

    9. Nice try Tom. So your saying some of your past sins are protecting pedophiles and wife beaters and you’ve covered up people that committed those crimes? Is that what your sharing that Julie might find out about you? I thank God people like Julie are exposing the grifters and frauds and the sheep that continue following these godless things that use scripture to cover there evil. Yeah Julie. Now about your sins that may or may not need the police to review!!!!

    10. “A good man obtains favor from the Lord, but a man of wicked intentions He will condemn.” (Proverbs 12:2) I no longer support John MacArthur because his intentions “seem” to have shifted from revealing God’s will, to using his platform to conform others to his will.

      I was never comfortable with the way he publicly corrected others, including RC Sproul. However, I hoped he was trying to protect the credibility of God’s holy word, and the testimony of His church. Due to his visibility, I believe his hubris has tarnished both. Ironically, the John MacArthur I admired for so long, is now the one continuously worthy of being publicly criticized.

      For nearly 40 years, John’s teaching helped me become a faithful Christian in every respect. I never knew who he voted for, but now I’m told I’m not even a Christian if I didn’t vote the way he wanted me to. He seemed proud of his involvement in civil rights. Now, he dissuades any such discussions. He revered medical professionals who helped he and his family during their life -threatening emergencies. Now, for some reason, he’s the expert and the medical community is part of some world order that has misled us on Covid-19 for evil purposes!?!

      “Be sure your sin will find you out.” (Numbers 32:23) Every leader needs a “Nathan.” I pray that the only intention of The Roy’s Report is to call for accountability among Christian leaders. In the process, may exposed charlatans move on to another grift in shame and dishonor. It is the reason I support them.

      1. Thank you Debra Howard – well said and i too have the same thoughts – the Julie Roys ministry is important. It didn’t convict me – John MacArthur did that all in his own – so very sad. While I’m great full for GTY’s ministry in past years – I question what was going on then that none of us knew.
        The one thing I will never question is that my faith is Anchored in God alone – no man, ministry, church or Denomination will change my faith. I hope and pray that the horrific treatment by JM and his henchman to this lady and her children did not break their faith.
        Unfortunately w Steve Lawson so entrenched in both MacArthur and Ligonier ministries I have to break from both.

        1. Guilty by association. That is not the right way to judge Christian brothers. Soon, we will cut off everybody because everyone is connected to someone in a way.

    11. Laurie Jorgensen

      He is a LEADER who behaved disgraceful and led others to do the same. His inability to admit he was wrong and reach out to the victims in this case should rightfully be called out..

      1. Here we go again. Part of the problem is he is perhaps self-perceived, and certainly perceived by others as a ‘leader’. What does that mean in the church? Sounds like we are still unreformed and have adopted Rome’s conception of the church as power structure.
        JM, even though he’s got poor taste in watches (understated is best: Patek Phillippe Calatrava, for instance, can be had quite cheaply), he is not a leader and should tell his congregation so: he is a servant of the church, as are we all.

    12. You realize that he and the whole of GCC have been supporting him since 2001, right? This is an ONGOING issue. There wasn’t just one incident of acting horrible and then it was over. They continually chose to support an abuser over the victims of that abuse, even after the abuser admitted to his own abuse AND was found guilty in a court of law. Let’s stop the apologist nonsense for this behavior. It is despicable. It is wrong. It is reprehensible. It has NO PLACE in the church or anywhere else. Point blank, period, end of discussion.

      1. Absolutely correct. I am convinced that the problem we have is two fold: 1. The GCC Elders are arrogant and can’t see arrogance in others – David Gray. 2. They are clueless about how the Criminal Justice Process works. If they did they would see how errant their idiotic stance of David Gray’s innocence really is and see him for what he is: a cold hearted serious criminal who deserves to be where he is right now. Prison.

  5. Bible believing Christians know that the Bible supports church discipline. Your article is very one-sided.
    With training in behavioral disorders (especially narcissist behavior disorders), I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon here. Because I believe there is way more to the story than what is being told.
    You do know that John MacArthur is in his 80’s. He many have had to cancel because he is not well, just as he said.
    Perhaps your assumption that he canceled because of your article, is just a way for you to puff up your ego and draw attention to yourself.

    1. As a reminder. When the NT was written and the rules of how to handle things via the church, there were no law enforcement agency’s. If the NT was written today I’m sure it would include that pedophiles and wife/child abusers and thieves should be handed over to law enforcement.

    2. Joyce mangione

      You know what you know, but you’re in trouble if you think you know what you don’t know . I agree with your view

  6. Click Bait on the headline! I’m not a follower of JM, but I’m also not one to creat news where there is no news. JRR acts like judge and jury! Disappointing.
    The man may legit be I’ll! Give him and us a break please!

    1. Rhonda C. Merrick

      Not only does she have the heart for doing good journalism. She also has the training. Another factor may be that she doesn’t have the pressure to meet deadlines (doesn’t have to churn out “news product”) so she can take the time needed for good reporting. A careful read of her articles will show that she keeps an open mind and pursues facts.

  7. Steven Simonyi-Gindele

    Virtually every church (fundamental churches, evangelical churches, or liberal gatherings calling themselves churches, as well as synagogues and cults) handle child abuse allegations the pretty much the same way. I know this from personal experience. The leadership always sides with the predator. The predator has groomed the elders elders and the congregation even before selecting the victims. The child molester has learned the language and the customs of the church and has figured out the logic and the value system and theology of the elders. Meanwhile, the wife of the predator had been for years trying to keep her family safe and protected and had been manipulated into supporting her husband the predator, thus she had gotten compromised along the way. The church discipline was the result of David Grey’s successful manipulation of well intentioned God fearing men at Grace. David Grey continued from jail to manipulate others in Grace Community Church to his benefit despite his criminal conviction. The Roys’ Report is doing a unique and vital work exposing sin and lack of accountability in religious gatherings.

  8. This is one of the problems with Elder-run churches. Jesus made the pattern very clear. Matthew 18:15-17
    If Your Brother Sins Against You
    “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.
    The local church which consists of the members must be the authority under the Headship Christ to excommunicate a member found guilty and unrepentant. That’s why churches must prayerfully and carefully seek to have and maintain a regenerate membership. These mega churches do not function biblically because it’s too cumbersome. John Mac Arthur is a great expositor but he failed at being a good Pastor in this case. How strange in this case the government got it right, and the Elders leading the “local church” got it wrong. These Elders need to repent, seek forgiveness and exonerate this dear woman her children. GHH

    1. Cynthia Wright

      “John Mac Arthur is a great expositor but he failed at being a good Pastor in this case.”

      Pastor Heiland, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to expect that being a “great expositor” or preacher or public speaker would overlap with being a good pastor. Assuming that the same person will have these very different skills would seem to be a foundational error in many cases.

    2. @George H Heiland

      “This is one of the problems with Elder-run churches.”

      Whatever Elders do at GCC, it is somehow distinct from Leadership. The GCC website, under the About tab, has one webpage listing for “Leadership” and a different webpage listing “(current) Elders” with very little overlap. John MacArthur, however, is a constant at the top of both groups. Since no one else shares the same title of “Pastor/ Teacher” as John there, it is prudent to conclude that John MacArthur is without equal at GCC and functions as the de facto senior pastor.

      I believe that church pastored by a team of CO-EQUAL teaching elders would prevent this kind of behavior exhibited by the one and only pastor/teacher of Grace Community Church, John MacArthur.

      Lone-pastor/senior-pastors surrounded by subordinates are less likely to receive guidance like what is offered now before the blunder is made and the damage is done.

      They have left the safe path, that church leadership that deviates from the instruction and example from the Apostles and elders in the New Testament, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      The Apostles’ instruction is that:

      Churches are to be pastored by the group of co-equal, older men (elders) of a church who meet the qualifications of bishop, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9. In the Greek-speaking world in which this was communicated, “elder” was universally understood as being a man at least 60 years old.

      I do, however, agree that a 1 Corinthians 5 situation is to be handled by the entire congregation that are led to consensus by their elders. It is not to be handled by elders in private and a decision abruptly announced by the lone pastor/teacher.

    3. When the Bible was written all people had was the church. Now we have law enforcement to handle the criminal elements. Say something I don’t agree with spirituality, sure let’s go to the elders. Rape your kids, beat your spouse, commit crimes, go to the cops. Real simple. It’s the 21st century.

  9. John MacArthur is very good at exposing the sins of others, but he doesn’t do well when it’s time to expose his own Sins! I love him and his great skills as an Expositor, and I respect him for that, but he needs to come clean on these matters. Back in the 90’s during the unjustified beating of Rodney King, MacArthur and GCC coddled and tried to hide the Police Officers that were later tried and convicted of violating King’s Civil Rights , and it caused a lot of People to lose respect and trust in MacArthur. I hope he will acknowledge his wrong and sin.

  10. Joyce Mangione

    I really don’t know the whole story and neither do you! I know that John MacArthur‘s ministry has blessed me for 50 years I have grown in my walk with the Lord I do not worship Man, but I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ we are all fallible,, and in need of grace. I will miss his presents this year at Ligonier ministries conference. May God bless all his children as we all seek his face!

    1. Joyce,
      We know enough of the story to call a man to repentance.

      The 3-minute video of John MacArthur himself introducing the subject and pronouncing judgment upon Eileen with all comment closed off by the immediate serving of communion with singing is sufficient knowledge of the story to know that is not the Bible way to handle the situation of a woman separating from her husband.

      1Co 7:11 KJV But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband.

      Christ’s apostle Paul did not instruct, “let her remain shamed away from the church.”

      If you cannot hold a pastor/teacher accountable here, and call him to repentance, when can you?

    2. Amanda Daroski

      You are a follower of a cult leader. I think Roys’ report did a pretty precise job of explaining the situation…you could always talk to David Gray, who is STILL LOCKED UP AND PAROLE DENIED!!!!

    3. I really don’t know the whole story and neither do you!

      Joyce, have you read Julie’s articles? Have you read the hand written confession David Gray gave to GCC? Gray admitted that he beat his kids on the heads and feet with a rod and belt, with his knee on their backs! He admitted to locking them in the closet, dropping/dragging them. He admitted to often being nude with his daughter. (Ding! Ding! Ding!) Have you read the affidavit of another pastor who heard the tapes of these counseling sessions and verified Eileen’s account? Have you seen the email that went out to the church asking people to give money to his defense?

      Julie Roys has proven that GCC knew of this, while at the same time ordering her to “go home” and submit to this monster.

      Go ahead and say that you are going to stand by John MacArthur regardless of what he has done. But don’t say that we don’t know the story.

  11. Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.James 3:1. John, Phil and the likes all presume to be teachers. Why are they so angry when they are being held to account , when asked to walk the talk ? Unless they presume to be sinless, why wouldn’t they simply humbly graciously admit to the wrong they did and ask for forgiveness ? I guess they don’t really believe what they preach. Coddling a convicted wife and child abuser is beyond words.

    Ephesians 5:11-13 says Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. 13 But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. …Julie simply reported what John and GCC did to Eileen. Julie’s reporting is biblically sound.

    Phil’s response is certainly not biblical and nowhere close to being christian.

  12. Margaret Oldenburg

    This is devasting to me. This story is extremely well documented so I am forced to accept the truth.

    1) I was shocked the wife tried to formally withdraw from Grace To You church in writing they said they literally would not let her withdraw.
    2) Why did not the church report the attempted murder, yes that is what he confessed to in writing, to the police. Isn’t a pastor a mandatory reporter by law.
    3) I am disgusted by Phil Johnson’s description of Julie Roys and her reporting. His attitude is not one of an elder and Macarthur’s so called spokesperson. And this is a pattern for him. He answered Julie very disrespectful when she reported on Macarthur’s homes.
    4) I am so disappointed that John has not responded to this very important happening.
    5) If John or his ministry does not respond then it will wrongly fall to his peers to awkwardly be targeted. All his friends will be asked their opinions about this putting them on the spot to address what John should have addressed but was too prideful to do so. John by not talking is digging a deeper hole for himself. This story will not go away.

    1. Julie, I know you believe it is right, but all the scriptures you use to justify your type of reporting is not in context with the scriptures. We are to hold one another accountable privately and publicly but within the church. Not before an unbelieving world 20 yrs later. You use 1 Tim 5:20 as justification to take these matters public, but come on, we both know when it says “everyone” it is in the context of everyone in the church not the world at large. That is totally taking scripture out of context. All your examples in “The case for Christian investigative reporting” are always in the context of the church. Any public rebuke was done in front of believers and were written to believers. How is this what you are doing??? The examples you use in scripture do not support or justify how you do your reporting. Nowhere do we see any of the apostles confront each other in front of the secular world. Even when Jesus rebuked the Jews and flipped the table over in the temple it was done in front of believers. Grace is the higher law here, especially amongst believers. God Bless.

      **1 Cor 6:6 But brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers!
      **Rom 14:4 Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.
      **Gal 5:15 But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another!

      1. How in the world would she do that if she is not a member of GCC? She’s not acting as a church member, she acting as an investigative journalist doing a paid job from a secular standpoint looking at what goes on in the church. You may as well say to a Christian policeman that he can’t arrest anyone, in case the suspect turns out that they are Christian – or claims to be.

        As you seem so keen for Christians to hold one another accountable, why didn’t GCC hold criminal abuser David Grays accountable? If they had we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  13. Timothy Beaumont

    The lack of journalistic integrity is on display on this site. Is the fact that MacArthur missing a conference really newsworthy? No. Instead, it reads as “gotcha journalism” and bias on the site. Nor is all of the facts presented in the original report. (I’ve read other reports where photos of unrelated people (as students in school and now pastors) lambasted for offering to babysit. So, generally speaking, this is what I’ve come to expect from this site….

    1. When a mainstay at a conference suddenly pulls out of the conference in the wake of controversy, yes, that is newsworthy, especially when the person is a celebrity. (Note, conflict and celebrity are 2 of the 7 elements of newsworthiness.)

      This article was shared on Facebook 1.1K times, so clearly many agree with its newsworthiness.

      I have no idea what you’re referring to with the reference to people offering to babysit being “lambasted.” There is no mention of anything close to that in our article.

      1. God bless you Julie, for exposing John Maccarthurs hippocrisy.
        Didn’t he and his wife also have Covid and kept that a secret?
        And he also lied and said that he was sick, when clearly he wasn’t, because he went golfing.
        He is very prideful, if he was truly humble he would apologise to the woman, that he shamed.
        But nothing, not even a public apology.
        How Phil and Justin Peters and the like can defend this man is amazing, but he does write their checks.
        And Phil is not a humble man either.

  14. Are we so deceived by men that we find it impossible for John to need to be in need of correction? I thought there was only one God. He is human. It is sad, but this isn’t looking good for anyone involved, especially believers.

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