Top Charismatic Leaders Disqualify Todd Bentley From Ministry for “Steady Pattern of Ungodly and Immoral Behavior”

By Julie Roys

About 16 months after explosive accusations of harboring a “perverse sexual addiction” and preying on interns, Fresh Fire USA leader, Todd Bentley, has been disqualified from public ministry by a panel of six charismatic, Christian leaders. The panel, led by apologist Dr. Michael Brown, said in a statement published today on Facebook:

Based on our careful review of numerous first-hand reports, some of them dating back to 2004, we state our theological opinion and can say with one voice that, without a doubt, Todd is not qualified to serve in leadership or ministry today. There are credible accusations of a steady pattern of ungodly and immoral behavior, confirmed by an independent investigator’s interviews dating from 2008 up through 2019, along with other testimonies dating back to 2004. And while we only took into account first-hand reports, there are many other second and third-hand reports repeating the same accusations . . .

Sadly, we see no signs of true, lasting repentance. Instead, we see a steady pattern of compromised behavior, including credible accusations of adultery, sexting (including the exchanging of nude pictures or videos), vulgar language, and substance abuse.

The statement added that the panel had sought to hear Bentley’s version of events, but Bentley “declined to answer a list of 60 questions” compiled by an investigator “after initially agreeing to respond.” The panel added that Bentley required the investigator to submit questions to his attorney, “after which (Bentley) ceased communicating with Dr. Brown or the investigator.”

Bentley, who professed faith in Christ when he was 18, after a struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, has been a prominent leader in the charismatic movement for two decades. In 1998, when he was 22, Bentley took over leadership of the Fresh Fire Ministry and began leading healing and evangelistic crusades all over the world.

Todd Bentley

In 2001, it was revealed that Bentley had been convicted as a 15-year-old of sexually assaulting a boy who was much younger than him. Bentley told Charisma Magazine that he had never previously talked about the crime because of “the inability of Christians to forgive certain sins.” Two pastors who claimed to provide “covering” for Bentley—Pat Cocking (who now goes by Patricia King) and Bobby Conner—said they had full confidence in Bentley and Bentley continued to lead Fresh Fire.

However, in 2008, Bentley resigned from Fresh Fire after separating from his wife and reportedly engaging in “an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff.” In 2009, Bentley created a new ministry called Fresh Fire USA with several prominent pastors claiming to provide accountability, including, author Jack DeereBill Johnson of Bethel Church, and Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries.

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Then in August 2018, an estranged protégé of Bentley’s, Stephen Powell of Lion of Light Ministries, accused Bentley in a Facebook post of preying on interns in his ministry and possessing an “appetite for a variety of sexual sins, including both homosexual and heterosexual activity.” Three days later, The Christian Post reported that Powell had received a written statement from a pastor alleging “all kinds of stuff,” including claims that Bentley had sexually assaulted three girls in Pakistan. 

Powell’s Facebook post:

Despite the damning evidence against Bentley, the panelists who released today’s statement said they believe Bentley “has been supernaturally gifted by God” and added: “(O)ur highest joy would be to see Todd coming before God and the community of believers in humility and repentance, openly desiring help to get his life fully healed and surrendered to Jesus.”

The panel said it could foresee Bentley doing public ministry again, but stressed that “at no point should he lead his own ministry.” The panel also outlined what it saw as the necessary steps to Bentley’s restoration. These would include “breaking . . . sinful habits,” “public acknowledgement” of sin “without equivocation,” “asking forgiveness of those he sinned against,” and “submission to local leadership.”

The panel also called for Bentley’s current ordination to be rescinded until the outlined process of repentance and restoration takes place. (I asked Dr. Brown who ordained Bentley and he said he didn’t know. According to a 2009 blog post, Bentley claimed to have been ordained through the Canadian-based Christian Ministers Association (CMA) and recognized as a minister through the World Ministry Fellowship (WMF). However, the CMA reportedly said that Bentley has never been a member of that association, and the WMF said Bentley’s papers have been removed.)

In the statement, Dr. Brown and the other panelists admitted that they have no legal authority over Bentley, but as “elders in the Body of Christ” had been asked to “judge righteously” and “make our viewpoint public.” The panelists also lamented what they see as a problem in the church:

Unfortunately, what’s missing in the modern church is often the combination of relational and organizational accountability, which would ensure each minister’s ability to navigate turbulent emotional, organizational, and spiritual waters. We pray that Todd would find such relational and organizational accountability, and it is our hope that this will become the norm, rather than the exception, for other leaders in the days ahead.

The other leaders on the “Leadership Panel on Todd Bentley” are Joseph Mattera, convener of the US Coalition of Apostolic LeadersJames W. Goll, founder of God Encounters MinistriesJane Hamon, co-pastor of Vision Church; Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of Hope Christian Church; and Don Finto, Pastor Emeritus of Belmont Church and founder of Caleb Company.

The full statement from the “Leadership Panel on Todd Bentley” published on Facebook:

UPDATE: Michael Brown just published his personal statement on the Todd Bentley investigation, which gives details about how the investigation was conducted. Full statement is below:

Michael Brown Statement on Todd Bentley Investigation




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28 thoughts on “Top Charismatic Leaders Disqualify Todd Bentley From Ministry for “Steady Pattern of Ungodly and Immoral Behavior””

  1. This guy will circle his wagons and go on as an independent minister. It happens all the time, unfortunately. Many believers are so lacking in discernment that they go after anyone who seems to have an “in” with Jesus, no matter what their background (aka sinful past).

  2. Just 1 more example from a long list of people who started in ministry at a young age without being mentored.

    Who promoted him?

    Who or what group elevated him to such a top tier of influence in the “Charismatic world?”

    Sadly, due to the alarming lack of Discernment in the church, Todd Bentley will most likely re-brand his logo and re-enter ministry.

    Perhaps he and fellow ravenous wolf James MacDonald ( lifelong “Baptist” turned Assemblies of God church pastor ) can join forces together and become big names in the Charismatic Industrial Celebrity Pastor complex?

  3. So let me get this straight. Julie Roys has a problem with Todd Bentley; but thinks it OK that Donald Trump has abused and raped women. WHATTABOUT this??? The Selective Outrage of Julie Roys.

    1. Bill: I realize you have not checked the Facts on your above ridiculous and false assertion, but perhaps I possibly might shed some light here?

      Julie Roys has criticized Trump in past and present. Use Google to find the links.

      I don’t know what motivates your love for Todd Bentley, but good grief please make sure you check your assertions first before dabbling in fiction !!

    2. Donald Trump . . . President of the United States (Politician, Businessman)

      Todd Bentley . . . .Pastor (and I use that term VERY loosely)!

      . . . See the Difference? Why would we hold a secular businessman to the same standards as a Pastor?!?! Should these two names even be in the same sentence? I don’t think so!

      1. Randy: 100% agree.

        When I was confused in the past and I confused the 2 Kingdoms ( sacred – Church vs Secular ), then I finally woke up and realized what was going wrong !! You see , I had been blurring the Biblical distinctions between the 2 kingdoms. You see, I had been COMBINING the 2 Kingdoms, which is Un-biblical.

        ( which is what the Catholic Magestrium at Vatican does in its Un-Biblical ways )

        You see, I had stopped receiving USA Mail, because my local mail carrier did not meet the Biblical qualifications of a Pastor.

        Later, I discovered that my neighborhood grocery store staff no longer attended any church, so I stopped buying groceries there, because that does Not fit the Biblical definition of a pastor conduct either !!

        Then, I heard that my local car dealer and mechanic also did Not fit or meet the Biblical qualifications of a pastor, so in Protest , I ditched my car and started walking !!

        Then, I heard through the Grapevine that my local sock company president had some immoral dealings ( profanity, etc…) and so obviously . that does Not fit the Biblical definitions of a Pastor, and so I gave up wearing socks !!

        2 Kingdom view:

        1. Stop with the sarcasm. Todd Bentley had homosexual and heterosexual relations with staff that he abused because he was in a powerful position. We all sin but this is so wanton it’s not funny.

      2. Well said Randy. Not one of us are worthy to carry the name of Jesus Christ to others unless empowered to by the Holy Spirit within. Years ago someone asked the question, “Who are you when no one is looking?” is a question every man in ministry should ponder every day. If the Gospel doesn’t make a difference in the man, charisma, polished rhetoric and advanced theatrical skills behind the podium won’t lead anyone to surrender to the Lord

    3. Bill, I’ve seen many people make themselves look stupid by posting about something about which they have no knowledge (and have done it myself a time or two or more) but you may have raised the bar to an unsurpassable height.

  4. Berdine M. Mayes

    I am absolutely thrilled and overjoyed that TB has finally been marked and avoid. He is a wolf, a snake and young sheep must be protected from. Yet….Yes a YET…..he never should have been given the platform from the beginning. I remember the big buzz and clamor about this guy in Lakeland. So I turned on TBN (should have been the first clue) and I listened intently to him. He was “glitter” but no gold. Stormy but no rain. There was absolutely no unction (Pentecostals will understand that). No life but sounding brass and tinkling cymbals…but nothing real. When seeing all the “manifestations” that was seen at Brownsville, I knew to not go anywhere near it. Yet, there were Pentecostal and respected Charismatic leaders who enjoined themselves to him. Even when he fell into sexual sin, they came to his defense and blessed his return to ministry!!!

    Please listen when I say….like begats like!!!! The political parties are out to protect their platform and agenda and this wicked spirit has snuck itself into the Church world. Shepherds are not watching over the souls they’ve been given to watch over (Acts 20:28). In fact, they’ve been opening wide the gates for the slaughter for notoriety and lasciviousness. WE, The Church must repent lest a severe judgment of God falls upon us.

  5. First of all, she simply reported what happened without adding any opinion. There is no sign that she “has a problem” with anyone mentioned in the article. This is objective reporting. Secondly, there is not legal proof or verdict that Donald Trump abused or raped anyone. If he has, victims are free to sue him and prove this. Unless you are somehow supernaturally informed, an objective person will not jump to conclusions whether yes or no. From everything you wrote, it shows you are guided by emotions, blind belief in tabloid news and social opinion, rather than facts. I hope that you can calm down and ask yourself – why are you so sure that you know about people without facts, only angry emotions?

  6. I applaud these leaders for taking this difficult stance about one of their own. It communicates care for those he allegedly used/abused and care for him that they are taking such sinful behavior seriously.

  7. Where is Rick Joyner in all of this? He’s the man most responsible for promoting, covering and protecting Todd. He repeatedly refused to answer questions about and address Todd’s immoral, unethical, abusive and illegal behavior. Why is that?

    We are never told exactly WHO ordered this investigation and who paid for it? Why is this information being hidden? If this is just some rando group of spiritual leaders making declarations, I’d like to see at least 100 more of these mystery panels set up. There’s no lack of abusive, pastoring grifters out there. Why not hang around and go after Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, John Gray or Todd White next, if pursuing holiness and truth is truly their goal?

    Joyner, btw is an ardent supporter of Jim Bakker. He sits on Bakker’s new Board and purchased the old Bakker scam properties super cheap, that Bakker was sent to prison over.

    Joyner wants to build a large retirement community inside these properties. If people think that James MacDonald, Dave Stone, Robert Morris, TBN & DayStar are gifted at manipulating the elderly into putting their corporations into the elderly flocks’ wills, they ain’t seen nothing yet. Having daily influence over every aspect of the sick and dying elderlies’ lives will ensure millions if not billions to Joyner in tax free estate wealth.

    These charlatans realize $36 TRILLION is up for grabs just on the US boomer generation alone. It’s considered the single largest wealth transfer ever. This feels like Joyner wanting to clear his own reputation for the bigger wealth grab, so why not own it?

  8. 2 observations:

    1) How depraved do you have to be to make even PENTECOSTALS call you “unqualified”?! I thought their norm blaming everything on the devil and rejecting accountability in the name of “not giving Satan victory”.

    2) Any person with common sense saw this coming YEARS ago. It’s a problem when “leaders” who are holding others “accountable” exhibit LESS discernment and common sense than the average person.

  9. What I find missing in most of these pastoral investigations, is the moral outrage. Every brotherly affirmation is extended, every benefit of the doubt is offered, every familial assumption is made, every box of fairness is checked, and every possible accommodation is pursued—and the door is left open for more ‘public ministry”! These investigators manage to tell us how ‘sad’ they are, how ‘joyful’ they could yet be, how ‘hopeful’ they remain—I mean, come on!

    Quote: “Unfortunately, what’s missing in the modern church is often the combination of relational and organizational accountability, which would ensure each minister’s ability to navigate turbulent emotional, organizational, and spiritual waters. We pray that Todd would find such relational and organizational accountability, and it is our hope that this will become the norm, rather than the exception, for other leaders in the days ahead.”

    Translation: ‘Poor ministers need more oversight and would be more pure if they got it’—-Wow- what a bunch of wordsmithing moral pablum. It’s embarrassing. The poor victims who are reading this gruel. How about instead, “We pray the church, together with ourselves, will deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of his flesh.”(1 Cor. 5) How about, “forgive us Lord for laying hands on this man too quickly- he has proved himself to be earthly, unspiritual and demonic in his vile practices”. (James 3)

    The church, conservative and charismatic, like our culture, has lost the ability to be morally scandalized. I mean what does it take for these leaders to process they are dealing with a wicked and evil man who has, like the monster he is, savaged so many sheep through the years? Why cant they say “evil”? “Supernaturally gifted by God”? Jeepers– more like demonically possessed with a long list of lesser demonic enablers. Our “highest joy” should not be for Mr. Bentleys ‘healing’ but for his traumatized victims healing who are revictimized by the lack of moral clarity and courage in these panelist investigators.

    If there is yet any Spirit left in us in these dark days, let’s name wickedness when we see it, let’s identify evil when it reveals it’s ugliness, let’s recover a moral compass and once again be scandalized by what is hideous and name what is contemptible and despicable. Why can’t we?

  10. Amy Moore exactly; Rick Joyner didn’t hold Todd B. to healing and restoration of his first marriage and family and where are they now and what happened to that wife and children since healthy and whole families and people (sheep) are NOT important in the false church at large? I’m looking at the list of 7 names and how many are funded by satanic luciferian regimes and mason’s/masonic and participate and get their hooks into these young people and make them whores and ineffectual to bring money to build their kingdom’s, their dynasty’s, their empires, their regimes, their movements with absolutely NO FRUIT. Ask these 7 names and those on report church abuse list which is on (type in john paul jackson’s name in search box) have they EVER prayed for anyone to die and or cursed with cancer; let them lie to almighty God?
    Also, when you look at these 7 names why aren’t they holding Mike Bickle and his regime for all his abuses and dogma? These 7, what did they build and where did all the money go and what did people learn in any of their ministries meaning if you had read money ($) abuses in Brownsville Revival. So, where is ALL the money and their churches fruit all these 7 sat in? I’d like to see what these 7 did with all the money they took in and see their 501c3 reports and what they own and are worth? This group pretty much, created conference junkies, glory hogs and fire bugs no foundations in and on the Bible.
    I can just hear Lou Engle over hear come to this State and do a prayer meeting for what? Stay home and read your Bible and have an intimate relationship with God as you wasted your time and money to build all these Businesses in the guise of churches. I’m asking where is their buildings and housing of the Widows, Orphans, Poor, Single Parents and their Children, Homeless as NO FRUIT IN WHAT THEY ARE ALL DOING. People wake up when old, elderly realize they built these men and or women’s smarmy B.S. Kingdom and we are seeing that in the fruit of our Nation or lack thereof. Just start asking for help for Widows, Fatherless etc., and what they did with all the money they took in while in Ministry and their building and housing for homeless, poor and why aren’t they doing Charity, Social, Humanity, Education?
    What did Calvary Chapel, Vineyard, Harvest Rock, Foursquare, Assassins of their god, TBN, CBN, Daystar, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Haggard, Liardon, M. Driscoll, Doug Phillips, Stephen Hill, Benny Hinn (all that money); Willow Creek, James MacDonald, Robert Morris, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Jeremiah Johnson, Perry Stone, Bethel etc., and what did they truly build? How healthy are the people and the families and why didn’t this group disqualify Mark Driscoll and Doug Phillips, Haggard etc.?, Just think of all the scandals and those who made Charisma and Christianity Today, Cult News, Trinity Foundation in Dallas, TX, and Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and what did they truly build except kingdom’s to themselves, became self-serving organizations. Better yet, ask what you learned your entire life sitting in church and any of these ministries?
    Google: Scandal, People’s Negative Feedback, Controversial Articles, Abused, Luciferian, satanic, mason’s, masonic etc., by any name of Pastor, Priest, Church.
    Note: If, James MacDonald is being exposed for being Mormon behind Christian Church; how many of the ministries above are not really founded and funded by Mormons as mormon’s think they are Christian and Mark Driscoll is seen with James MacDonald ( I grew up in false Pentecostal regimes that took the people’s time, money and bought all the property around the church and become Real Estate Brokers in the guise of non-profit; helping no one but themselves living off your time and money as your expected to pay their mortgages/bills but they aren’t paying yours let along loving and serving people. Book: Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips exposes satanic list of Church Leaders and still exist.

  11. There are so many things that were done wrong by others who set this situation up to fall that a large book might not be enough to fully cover the whole list. But I will hit a couple of the big obvious ones that are typically ignored and the one issue with Bentley that is the root that started this whole mess.

    Bentley pursued miraculous, spiritual power so that he could become famous and a celebrity like other, now long dead, career faith healers. He decided he would have it no matter the cost. Nowhere in the scriptures are we told to either, (1) pursue power of any kind, nor (2) pursue selfish-ambition that leads to money and fame. The scriptures actually tell us to do just the opposite of both things. We are to humble ourselves, not pursue the praises of men and make followers for ourselves and the N.T. talks so negatively about riches that anyone that pursues those is pursuing a clear path of self-destruction.(1 Tim. 6:10) C.S. Lewis once said that the wrong path never turns into the right one. Bentley chose the wrong path early and the rest of what he has done is just the snowball going down the hill getting bigger and badder as it rolls until it finally crashes into something at the bottom of the hill. Because of the allegations of bi-sexuality, Bentley’s career is likely over this time as very few are going to want to touch him a third time now with a 10 foot pole.

    Concerning others who propped him up and share responsibility for this mess, we have to start with the scripture that warns us about not laying hands on quickly on someone very young for leadership. Bentley grew up inside of a gang, and was a sex-offender before converting. Such a person needs a lot of time, and very good and knowledgeable counsel to deal with a lot of serious issues. But both his youth and background was ignored because he has charisma and could draw a big crowd. Todd once said that many leaders would book him to speak just before their offering time because he knew how to get the pew sitters to give the biggest offerings. So he was useful for the purposes of Mammon. So his youth was ignored and so was the needed process of getting sanctified before God first.

    His personal testimony is full of selfish-ambition but that was ignored because the people who promoted him also have the same, as do many of their followers. Selfish-ambition is a road leading to hell and destruction for it is the very path that Satan took first. We have an idolatrous culture of celebrity worship and the idols are just as many inside the church as outside in pagan culture. The reality is that the scriptures never call “charisma” as any kind of gift of the spirit. Being able to draw a big crowd is a worldly gift, not one from God. And while some give Charismatics a hard time about this being the only “gift for ministry” that actually matters, this is a universal problem throughout the whole sick church. John MacArthur also has charisma and that is why he has a big following even with his B.S. cessationist heretical theology. The root is not about the flashy claims of miracles but about heart motivations that set evil men like John and Todd to pursue positions of power and influence in the first place.

    Rick Joyner and others who were involved in a “restoration process” to restore Todd to the ministry got it all wrong. People like Todd need to humble themselves and be restored to a real, personal relationship with a Father who disciplines His children. This should have been done behind the scenes and He never should have put out in front of the cameras again. Todd has a “religious” relationship with the camera and crowd. He lacks the morality and conscience of someone who has an actual relationship with a Father. The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Men who leverage what they claim are things of God in order to manipulate and entice lessers into clear sin do not love Jesus. Jesus told us that if we love Him we must obey His commandments. Rick Joyner claims to have much wisdom and revelation from God, but lately what I see him doing just shows that he is the biggest hypocrite I know. He does not put into practice what he tells others to do. Rick lies about history, promoting an idealized past that never existed. He promotes a kind of worship of the U.S. Constitution which is simply idolatry. He promotes people who are liars and full of selfish-ambition. And, in this case, he ignored clear evidence that Todd was lying to him and, like the whistle-blower in the article stated, committed the same sin as Eli who did not discipline His own children. Rick needs to repent for all of these things, but has so much self-deception going on I wonder if that old man will bother before it is too late.

    There is much, much more wrong that happened, but these are the low-lights that need to be outed. Todd and all of the people who promoted him and participated in his sins need to retire permanently from any ministry. That is what repentance actually looks like, and I have seen basically none of it from anyone. They all hold on to power no matter what they do that is wrong. For this reason alone there is a major judgment coming from Father God soon against His own house.

  12. No Christian should aspire to the national stage. Serve locally. Stay nameless and faceless. Meet the immediate need where God has planted you.

    Of late, it sure seems that whoever rises to that national stage falls hard from it. The spotlight is just withering, and almost no one survives it. Such is the nature of our times.

    That said, Bentley was never right for the national stage. He seems to go from bad to worse, so perhaps he was unsuited for local work also.

    But worse are his enablers, most of whom prowl the national stage and can’t see how doing so is ruining both them and their witness.

    Christians, we need to stop idolizing the people crowding the national stage. Pull back. Stay local. Keep your eyes on your neighborhood. That’s where God wants to work. And if we are faithful, perhaps a wider world awaits. Perhaps.

  13. Christians need to pray for those poor Pakistani girls allegedly assaulted by Bentley in Pakistan, as any rumor that Muslim girls have had such contact with an infidel minister, even though they are 100% victims of Bentley, could lead to the death of those poor girls at the hands of Muslim family members and other Islamic zealots; such is the reality of the Muslim shame-and-honor culture of countries like Pakistan.

    I’m sure Bentley didn’t have the first clue of what life-and-death consequences he was instigating by his behavior over there. Whoever arranged for such a criminally disordered creature of appetite as Bentley to even set foot in a place like Pakistan is just as culpable as Bentley for any tragic consequences of his actions there. Here in America we seem to put up with all manner of destructive nonsense in the name of “individual freedom”; in most countries, there are serious consequences for serious misdeeds.

  14. Carter, it’s much more likely that any young woman in Pakistan whom Todd met was from a Christian background because most “crusades” overseas draw from existing Christian audiences. Some are even are enticed to attend through offers of free travel and free/subsidized hotel costs. Wish I were making this up but I work in Asia and speak from first hand experience. Even if Todd’s group didn’t pay anyone to attend, you can be certain there was prestige in the Christian community attached to whomever hosted the event.

    No Muslim girl in her right mind would have been within ten feet of Bentley, let alone gone into a bedroom with him. I seriously doubt Muslims would have even attended his crusades. But Christian girls? They would would have been encouraged by their families to spend time “with the evangelist”, serve him food and idolize him. If Todd Bentley did indeed seduce Pakistani women/girls it’s more than likely they were from Christian families. I am sick thinking about it.

  15. Since many, including Bentley, were never “qualified” to begin with; they cannot ever be re-qualified. You cannot restore something/anything that never existed.

  16. After all…. these are the “END TIMES”!
    “MY people are being DESTROYED for a lack of knowledge; because they don’t know ME. Since you priests refuse to know ME, I refuse to recognize you as MY priests. Since you forgotten, you have ignored The Laws of your GOD, I will …. ignore, forget to bless, and will not acknowledge your sons as MY priests. Hosea 4:6 (compilation of Bible translations)
    2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
    Now brethren concerning the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and our gathering together to HIM, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though The Day of CHRIST has come.
    by any means;
    for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and……the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
    who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called GOD or that is worshipped, ……so that he sits as GOD in the temple of GOD,……showing himself that he is GOD.
    Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things?
    And now you know what is restraining,……. that he may be revealed in his own time.

    For the mystery of lawlessness already at work; only HE now restrains will do so until HE is taken out of the way.

    And then the lawless one will be revealed,…..whom THE LORD will consume with The Breath of HIS Mouth
    AND…. destroy with The Brightness of HIS Coming!

    The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of satan,
    with all power, signs, ……………………………………………..AND lying wonders!!!!!!!!!
    with all unrighteous deception among those who perish,…..because they did not receive …….the Love of The Truth

    And for this reason GOD will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,
    that they all may be condemned…………..who did not BELIEVE THE TRUTH….but
    had pleasure in unrighteousness!

    What is to be said of these whom have come into GOD’s fold, as JESUS taught from Matthew 7:15-20
    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruit. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit,……..but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
    A good tree can not bear bad fruit…..nor can a bad tree bare good fruit.”

    All written to declare this…… we are made in The Image of GOD, all of HIS sons and daughters. We have HIM in us. As Dr. Caroline Leaf writes about, “we are wired for love”, every part of our being. So deep within our heart/soul selves we intuitively and instinctively have been given The Concept of Truth: the “right” or “wrong” of something is within us. Therefore, somehow, we set those survival tools aside to be lead astray by deviates. And this is the shamefulness of these wolves in sheep’s clothing!
    GOD will do what HE will do.
    JESUS’ BLOOD is profoundly available to wash away every part of the sin(s)!
    HIS WATER that flowed out from HIS Side on The Cross washes away the fifth, grim and all that is defiled!
    HIS BODY offered as The Health and Healing to all who come…. repentant and humbled to do the truly only absolute Miracle of Miracles …..
    Restoration! Recovery! Renewal
    Yes! and Amen

  17. Chuck Chillingworth

    DLE – ditto! The best 2 lines I’ve read in a long time…”No Christian should aspire to the national stage. Serve locally. Stay nameless and faceless. Meet the immediate need where God has planted you.” These self-appointed leaders of the different streams of evangelicalism appear to me to be the modern day Pharisees, the “Rulemakers” who are energized not by a private relationship with God and quiet service, but by being in charge, up in front of fawning crowds, making the rules for the rest of the rank and file. They create organizations that promote and protect themselves and their money driven empires. I’d like to see how authentic their relationship with God is without their fame, power and money. I do feel sorry for many people who start out with the best of intentions but get mulched by the system and feel trapped by a culture they constantly are troubled with. John R W Stott, the respected british theologian said almost 50 years ago that the problem with the church is the pyramid of value that venerates the full time christian worker as the apex of the spiritual pyramid and sees the vast majority of working people at the bottom as there to serve the needs and at the direction of the religious professional…and that this pyramid of value should be turned upside down. Ditto! Truer today than 50 years ago. Better late than never.

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