Trailer Park Boys Video Reveals Raunchy Falwell Family Culture With Many Ties to Liberty U

By Julie Roys
Trailer Park Boys Video shows raunchy Falwell family culture with ties to Liberty

For the past three weeks, the media has largely ignored the video Jerry Falwell Jr. posted from his now infamous “costume party,” and instead has focused on the racy picture of Falwell and his wife’s assistant with their pants unzipped. Yet the video, showing members of Falwell’s family—most of whom are employed by Liberty University,  one at a very high level—may be even more shocking. 

The video shows multiple Falwell family members dressed as characters from an extremely raunchy Canadian TV series called Trailer Park Boys (TPB). The show is riddled with profanity and drug use. And it features multiple forms of immorality—from group sex and pornography to homosexual affairs and prostitution.

This debauchery isn’t occasional. It’s frequent, as a scan through the episode titles show. Here are just a few. WARNING: they’re vile: “F**king’ F**ked Out of Our F**kin’ Minds’”; “Wh*re-aggedon”; “I Banged Lucy and Knocked Her Up… No Big Deal”; and “You Want the Lot Fees, Suck Them Out of the Tip of My C*ck.”

Yet the Falwells appear to be not merely casual watchers of TPB, but part of the show’s loyal cult following. The costumes donned by Falwell and his wife, his sons, daughter, daughters-in-law, and close assistants span several seasons of the program and reveal an intimate knowledge of the show.

Given what’s been alleged about Jerry and Becki Falwell—that Becki had an affair in which Jerry participated as a voyeur, and Becki seduced a Liberty student—watching a raunchy show and imitating the characters may be the least of the former First Couple’s issues. 

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But both Falwell’s sons and his daughters-in-law remain on Liberty’s payroll.

Becki Falwell’s assistant, Kathleen May Stone, who appears in the racy picture with Jerry Falwell, Jr., was also a Liberty employee. Kathleen’s husband, Sam Stone, worked as Jerry Falwell’s assistant or “body man,” and was also on the yacht. Sam Stone is the son of Dave Stone, the retired pastor of Southeast Christian Church, a megachurch in Louisville, Kentucky. Dave Stone has spoken at multiple Liberty University convocations. (Liberty did not respond to a request to clarify the employment of Kathleen and Sam Stone now that Jerry Falwell Jr. has resigned.)

Liberty University has a strict Code of Conduct, which requires students to abstain from “sexual relations outside of biblically-ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural born woman.” It also states: “Media and entertainment that is inconsistent with Liberty’s standards and traditions (i.e. lewd Lyrics, anti-Christian message, sexual content, nudity, pornography, etc.) are not permitted on or off campus.”

Similarly, Liberty employees are “expected to conduct themselves in matters of language and morality in a manner compatible with the Mission of the University.”

Seemingly, this code was not upheld on the yacht where Falwell’s costume party was held. What follows is a breakdown of the Falwell family members and assistants shown in the video, their relationship to Liberty University, and a description of the brazenly immoral characters from TPB that they played.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., former President & Chancellor

Jerry Falwell Jr as Julian from Trailer Park Boys

In the video, Jerry Falwell, Jr., is dressed up as “Julian,” who according to Trailer Park Boys’ website, is “king of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.” Julian also is a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet, former owner of a massage/prostitution business, and owner of a bar/strip club for seniors.

Julian has had sexual relations with numerous women in TPB and engages in a ménage a trois with two employees, Bambi and Dakota (played by two unidentified young women in the party video). To see an edited video of that scene, click here. (I am not posting the video because of its objectionable content.)

Falwell also apparently likens himself to “Mr. Lahey”—described on TPB’s website as “Sunnyvale’s long serving, perma-drunk trailer park supervisor.”

A picture Falwell posted to Instagram shows him drinking from a mug that says, “Trailer Park Supervisor.” Falwell says the mug is a birthday gift from his lifelong friend, Dr. Rick Amato, and notes: “Guess he knows me a little too well.”

Jerry Falwell Jr as Trailer Park Supervisor

Ironically, Dr. Amato, a Liberty alumnus, spoke at a Liberty University Town Hall on drug addiction in 2019. Amato also runs Rick Amato Ministries, an organization whose tax-exempt status was revoked by the IRS for failing to file required 990 returns.

Becki Falwell, former “first lady” of Liberty

Becki Falwell as Barb Lahey

Becki Falwell, the former “first lady” of Liberty, appears in the TPB video as “Barb.” Barb was married to Mr. Lahey but divorced him because of his alcohol addiction. Barb also runs the “Magic Fingers” brothel for geriatrics with Donna and Sarah. (“Sarah” appears in the video, played by Laura Falwell, another daughter-in-law of Jerry and Becki’s.)

During a stint in prison, Barb, Donna, and Sarah run their business for female inmates, which is depicted in a scene from Season 9.

Jerry “Trey” Falwell III, Senior VP of University Support Services

Jerry "Trey" Falwell III as Randy from Trailer Park Boys

Jerry’s oldest son, Trey Falwell, plays “Randy” in the video. Randy is a former male prostitute, who has an on-and-off gay relationship with Mr. Lahey throughout the series.

Perhaps one of the most revolting scenes in TPB is when Randy walks in on a sexual situation with Mr. Lahey and Barb. The scene is graphic and lewd, but certainly shows the depth of depravity in TPB.

Trey Falwell’s participation in the TPB-themed party is especially concerning, given his position in senior leadership at Liberty.

Yet, this is not the first time Trey has been embroiled in controversy. Trey was one of the owners of the Miami gay-friendly hostel his parents bought with the Giancarlo Granda—the man who had a sexual relationship with Becki Falwell and said that Jerry watched.

Trey also was photographed with his wife, Sarah, at a Miami Club in 2014. His father was also photographed at the club, which became the center of a controversy in 2019 when the photos surfaced.

Trey has risen remarkably fast within Liberty University. In 2014, he made about $46,000. (An insider told me he worked as his father’s assistant. I reached out to Liberty for confirmation, but the school did not respond.) By 2018, Trey’s salary had jumped almost 300-percent to $189,000, and he now has oversight of a major department at the school.

Sarah Falwell, $63K/yr position at Liberty

Sarah Falwell as Lucy from Trailer Park Boys

Sarah Falwell, Trey’s wife, is dressed as “Lucy” for the TPB party. Lucy has made porn films, worked as a stripper, and even had a baby with Randy, who apparently likes women too.

In real life, Sarah works as the executive liaison to the career center at Liberty, according to my inside source. Sarah received $63,315 from Liberty in 2018.

Sarah’s father, Kenny Craig, also works at Liberty. He was hired as director of government relations in 2016—two years after Sarah and Trey married.

Wesley Falwell, $55K/yr position at Liberty

Wesley Falwell as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys

Wesley Falwell, the younger son of Jerry and Becki Falwell, appears dressed as “Ricky” in the TPB video and makes a vulgar gesture towards the camera, which fits his character. Ricky is almost always stoned and is a drug dealer, drug producer, and addict.

He’s also the on-and-off boyfriend of Lucy and Sarah, and appears in numerous sexually explicit scenes.  

In real life, Wesley works for Liberty and in 2018, received about $55,000. On his social media profile, Wesley says he is a supervisor at LU Fabrication. However, my insider says Wesley’s email signature says he’s assistant to the president.

Laura Falwell, $58K/yr position at Liberty

Laura Falwell as Sarah from Trailer Park Boys

Laura Falwell, the wife of Wesley, appears as Ricky’s sometimes girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah runs a lot of scams at the trailer park, including the brothel. She also laundered money for Julian out of a hair salon she ran with Lucy.

According to my source, Laura is the manger of off-campus properties for Liberty. In 2018, Liberty paid her almost $58,000.

Caroline Falwell, Liberty student

Caroline Falwell as Lucy from Trailer Park Boys

Caroline Falwell, daughter of Jerry and Becki Falwell, plays “Lucy Part 2” in the video. There is no Lucy Part 1 and 2 in TPB. It is played by the same character. So it seems that some Falwell women decided to share roles.

Kathleen May Stone, Becki Falwell’s assistant

Kathleen May Stone is Becki Falwell’s pregnant assistant who appeared in the now-infamous photo with Jerry Falwell where the two of them have their pants unzipped and shirts hiked up. Her salary is unknown since she is not related to a Liberty board member or officer, so the university is not obligated to disclose it.

In the video, Kathleen is identified as “Trinity,” Ricky and Lucy’s daughter, who is single and pregnant in Season Eight. 

Kathleen May Stone as Trinity from Trailer Park Boys

Sam Stone, Jerry Falwell’s assistant

Kathleen’s husband, Sam Stone, who worked as Jerry Falwell’s assistant, was also on the yacht with the Falwell family and posted pictures from his time there on social media. It’s hard to tell which character, if any, Sam represents in the video.

Sam Stone with Jerry Falwell Jr Family

Remaining TPB Characters:

One of the unidentified TPB’s characters in the video  J-Roc—a wanna-be rapper who makes porn movies. J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys

Another unidentified character in the video is “Bubbles.” Bubbles is Julian’s sidekick who frequently gets roped into Julian’s sleazy business schemes.

Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys

Others who attended the party, but were unidentified were two women dressed as “Julian’s employees” and ménage a trois partners, Bambi and Dakota.

Julian's Employees Falwell Party

Mr. Lahey is also represented in the video, but it is unknown who is dressed as Lahey. There’s also a second Randy, who’s unknown, as well.Mr. Lahey Falwell Party

Ricky 2 at Falwell Party




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41 thoughts on “Trailer Park Boys Video Reveals Raunchy Falwell Family Culture With Many Ties to Liberty U”

  1. And the Liberty Board paid him a severance package? Oh my. Who is going to compensate Liberty for the obvious damage caused by Falwell, Jr. to the University’s reputation as a Christian institution, in student recruiting and retention, and in future fundraising?

  2. This is outrageous, of course, and much has already been said—including by me—about the dishonor to Christ and the church, the disgrace to the university, the lack of remorse, the absence of accountability, the undeserved severance package. But I’m starting to wonder about myself when I keep reading about this vulgar behavior and looking at these pictures. When does a legitimate account of a well-known, so-called Christian leader’s hypocrisy and fall become gossip I am eagerly waiting for the next installment of?

  3. The nepotism at Liberty University is so concerning.

    Will the LU Board of Trustees take action to correct the nepotism? Will they hold the employees in the video accountable for violating the LU Code of Conduct?

    I doubt it.

    Most concerning though are the now two alleged accounts of grooming and predatory sexual activity by the Falwells. LU Board should call for an independent investigation to protect their students and correct the culture that exists.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty telling when most of the positions Falwell’s brood hold at Liberty have job titles including words like “assistant” and “liaison.” They sounds suspiciously like they were created specifically to funnel LU dollars to his kids and entourage without expecting much in return.

      Hopefully there will be a clean sweep once the new regime is installed, but somehow I doubt the Falwell pall can be dispersed that easily.

  4. I’m Canadian and can tell you, ‘Trailer Park Boys’ is vile. It would never be allowed in my home. To have a Trailer Park Boys party is really saying something about the Falwell’s lack of integrity. You’d only need to hear a minute of the show to be sickened. But the recent disturbing revelations makes this no surprise. The only thing Falwell should have left Liberty with was a boot print on his backside, his wife, and his charred remains of dignity. Frankly, it is sickening that he’ll be given the riches of $10M for being a Sodom & Gomorrah poster boy. The Board should get the boot too.

    1. What’s amazing is just how brazen their behavior has been. It just shows that Falwell believed his position as president of LU was unassailable, and the oft repeated assertion that he was never a pastor would be enough for his personal life to escape scrutiny. Perhaps if he had been a more traditional college president, solely focused on the needs of the school, he could have gotten away with it, but of course, that was never going to be enough for someone like Falwell, who clearly reveled in the attention he received as a political and public figure.

  5. I think at this point the only wise thing to do is have every single member of the Board of Trustees at Liberty step down. I fully realize that not everyone on the Board of Trustees has been complicit in enabling Falwell and his family. However, I think the only way for Liberty to restore its credibility going forward is to have a complete overhaul of the senior leadership team and the Board of Trustees. It’s the only way.

  6. We need a Great Awakening in the church. I remember the spring of 1995 when a revival spread around the college campus and came to Moody. Chapel went late into the evening and for couple of days with students giving testimonies and repenting of sins. I pray for something like that to happen to again.

  7. It’s like having Jezebel and Ahab as the leaders and roll models for the young people going there. Will there be a way for parents to get their tuition money back?

  8. As of late last week, the Stones were still working at LU. One of my family members works at LU and had to work with them.

  9. Not to complicate things BUT….this is the same Stone family recently tied to Harvest. Dave Stone has been preaching and advising Harvest as it searches for a new Senior Pastor.
    What a tangled web….

  10. One of the “Julian’s Employees” girls is a school friend of Caroline Falwell. My old LU roommate taught them both in high school and immediately identified her.

  11. Depraved! How can people compartmentalize like this? I believe most of us compartmentalize to some extent, but the Falwell’s behavior is off the charts. However, let’s remember that there are hundreds of thousands of pastors and Christian workers who never even think of doing these kinds of things. For example, I didn’t know such a program TPB existed.

    1. Money. Being among the rich and powerful is like a drug for people like Falwell. They start feeling invincible, unaccountable, and justified by their success. It’s the secular equivalent of the prosperity gospel — with great rewards comes great self-validation. I’m rich, I deserve to enjoy my riches.

  12. The entire board needs to go immediately. This is so bad it is hard to believe even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes. And the fact that the board STILL has not made a single statement condemning JF’s actions is mind boggling. Their only statement have been about what a benefit he was to the school. They left it to the campus pastor to apologize. Totally lame.

  13. Amazing,

    The father goes down a water slide in a SUIT.
    The son can’t keep his short zipped on a boat.

    How times have changed.

    Were it theologically and physically possible, his parents would be spinning in their graves!



      This is absolutely appalling. My jaw has completely dropped to the ground, and I am just in shock over this family. This is beyond ridiculous. My non-Christian friends have higher morals, values and integrity. How has the behaviors from the Falwell family been able to go on for so long?! I just don’t understand. So many people with connections to the church and to the Liberty University family seem to be involved and aware of this family’s lack of integrity… and these same people are not only okay with it, but they are also participating in the behavior! What in the world?! I must clearly live in a bubble because this is just ridiculous and beyond maddening. Has a petition been started to have the rest of the involved faculty resign as well as the Liberty Board to step down?

    2. I don’t think they would. This is what Scofieldists (of all denominations) (close to whom I spent most of my life) always wanted. Britain is to go into a “common market” with Canada (not my idea). This has now been pre-normalised.

  14. It’s even more sad knowing the connection of this to Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. It’s shocking to say the least.

  15. Last night I had a dream about watching something I should not have. When I wondered where such a dream could have come from, I realized I have been reading too much detail about Jerry Falwell Jr’s escapades.

    It is one thing to expose his situation, but for my own spiritual benefit I will no longer read any more details. I thought of a Scripture in Ephesians :11-12. “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things they do in secret. As I understand this once his situation has been exposed it does us no good

    1. The point is that it hadn’t been exposed. Yes, we knew of Jerry and Becki’s sin, but not how it was a family affair. Given that the family is all employed by Liberty, this is important information.

      Also, Jerry Jr. still hasn’t admitted wrongdoing. And he mentioned that his contract has a clause prohibiting him from working at a completing university for two years. In other words, he may try to come back somewhere else.

      1. Agreed. I had not understood the depths of the depravity. I had heard and read things here and there, but you provided the evidence. Now the board knows and now the people know. They need to act.

  16. They are vile contaminations to the cause of Jesus, it is shameful. They are bringing reproach to the name and cause of Jesus. They need to live their worldly life and not get Jesus involved.

    I cannot even tell you how my heart is grieved. And this Becki wife of his acts like no better than a sleeze hornbag, giving people oral sex and being a predator. She should of been rebuked as well as him years ago. And to think they are above it, and using jargon like..hope you can forgive in that christian bla bla bla of yours..take a hike lady!! What a bunch of perverts.

    Mark my words, they will be judged here and it will be harsh. There will be no where they will be able to hide from the eyes of the Lord that will be after them. What they did for the cause of Jesus and how shameful their lives have been, not even in the minute a good representation of God..there will be a price to be paid..and it will not be pretty. You cannot do this to God and get away with it. Your kingdom will come down. God does not share his throne and you have mocked the name of Jesus..woe to you!!

  17. Many board members of Christian organizations are just so flattered and so “honored” to serve that they fail to do their godly and fiduciary responsibility for those who elected them or appointed them. Board members fail to ask the correct questions and they bury their heads in the sand. It’s an all-to-familiar situation in the evangelical world. When I was on the board of directors for a Baptist college, I was always under incredible pressure to never question the president or administration. That is ridiculous. The entire reason there is a board is for a balance of power. We know that man is fallible and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Boards need to do their jobs, and those who elect, maintain, contribute to those boards need to replace them when they do not do their job.

  18. The unidentified girls in the video are daughters of Susan Cambeletta who is a middle school teacher at LCA, the grade school run by LU. The youngest girl is only 17 and still in high school. Sad.

  19. It seems that anyone employed by the school or enrolled there that was in that video should have been fired or expelled by now. Is that happening?

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