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TRR Exclusive: Co-owner of Spas With Ravi Zacharias Speaks of “Happy Endings” and Requests to Delete Information

By Julie Roys
Ravi Zacharias

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions about sexual activity.

In recordings released exclusively to The Roys Report, a man who co-owned two spas with the late apologist Ravi Zacharias said Zacharias had a “pattern” of exposing himself to therapists and masturbating. And when the co-owner, Anurag Sharma, confronted Zacharias about an allegation of “misbehaving,” Sharma said Zacharias told him to delete information about Zacharias’ spa appointments. 

Sharma also said on the recordings that the landlord of the building the spas leased once asked Sharma whether Zacharias believed in “happy endings.” (In the spa business, a “happy ending” generally refers to an orgasm for a client, courtesy of a masseuse.)

Sharma also said that a therapist at one of the spas once said “something surprising . . . She talked about like a ‘happy ending or something.’”

These revelations and others were included in approximately five hours of audio recorded by Sharma in three separate interviews with investigators in November and December 2020. These audio files were then sent by Sharma to The Roys Report last week.

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Sharma said one of the interviews was conducted about a month and a half ago by attorneys with Miller & Martin—the firm hired by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to investigate allegations that Zacharias had abused therapists at the spas. Another interview was conducted in late December by private investigators hired by Miller & Martin. 

A third interview was conducted on December 19 by an attorney hired by the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA)—the denomination that had ordained Zacharias.

The interviews confirm allegations reported this fall by Christianity Today and WORLD Magazine that Zacharias had exposed himself and masturbated during regular treatments at the spa. The alleged victims also claimed Zacharias had inappropriately touched them, but Sharma said he didn’t know anything about that.

Sharma Reports “Pattern” of Abuse

Sharma said he first discovered Zacharias’ pattern of misconduct when a therapist at one of the spas complained to him about Zacharias’ behavior sometime between 2007 and 2010. These are the years Sharma and Zacharias owned Jivan Wellness, a spa specializing in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine system with Hindu roots.

“It started actually, the lady therapist who had come and who talked about that he’d been misbehaving—exactly the pattern that was there . . .” Sharma told an attorney hired by the C&MA. “And this was exactly the pattern, which was, I saw it plenty of time.”

When asked by the attorney what the “pattern” looked like, Sharma replied, “The pattern was like, ‘Hey, I traveled, worked very hard or something,’ and then it was more of, ‘so that I have the right to’—I guess it’s uneasy for me to talk about it because Ravi is the only friend I have. But uh, it was more like a, a desire to masturbate.”

In the interview with private investigators hired by Miller & Martin, Sharma gave more specifics, confirming that Zacharias had exposed his genitals to the therapist.

To hear that interaction, listen to the clip below:

Sharma told the C&MA-hired attorneys that the therapist did not want to talk to anybody about the abuse, so the therapist and Sharma dropped the matter.

“She was devastated because everybody has faith in—I mean, I was mesmerized by Ravi,” Sharma added.

“Happy Endings”

Sometime during the Jivan years, Sharma said two people spoke with him about “happy endings.”

Sharma said the first was Ben Hodges, the landlord of the building at 10990 State Bridge Road in Alpharetta, Georgia, which Jivan leased. According to Sharma, Hodges specifically asked, “Does Ravi believe in ‘happy ending’?”

Sharma said the question was “totally surprising and shocking” because Hodges “respects Ravi a lot.”

“That was odd to me, asking that question about the person who you respect,” Sharma added.

Sharma discusses this incident with Miller & Martin Attorney Lynsey Barron in the clip below:

Sharma said a therapist also talked to him about “happy endings.” This was a therapist that Sharma and Ravi had taken to India to learn about Ayurveda so she could apply that knowledge at Jivan.

Sharma said he sometimes received massages from this therapist.

“Once I felt uncomfortable,” Sharma said. “She talked about like ‘happy ending’ or something.”

Sharma explains that interaction with the attorney hired by C&MA below. (Names of victims have been bleeped out to protect their privacy.):

Therapist Refuses to Take Appointment with Zacharias

In 2010, Sharma said Anna Adesanya, the manager of Jivan Wellness, came to him because a therapist refused to take an appointment with Zacharias because of his misconduct.

This led to a meeting between Adesanya, Sharma, and Zacharias at Zacharias’ office, which was in Norcross, Georgia, at the time.

Adesanya told WORLD Magazine that after that meeting, Sharma fired the therapist who had refused to take the appointment with Zacharias. However, Sharma told the investigators hired by Miller & Martin that he didn’t remember doing that.

What Sharma does remember, however, is that Zacharias told Sharma to delete information about Zacharias when they spoke on the phone about the incident.

“I said ‘She doesn’t want to be, she’s not comfortable making appointment with you’ or something,” Sharma told the investigators. “And then, I came across something, which was like kind of hurtful to me in terms of like a, I mean, ‘Delete all my information, whatever it is.’ And I was like, ‘What the heck have I done wrong?’ You know?”

“You say delete all my information?” an investigator asked.

“All the treatment,” Sharma replied.

Later in the interview, Sharma confirmed that Zacharias had instructed him to delete all his appointments from the software program the spa used, and to remove Zacharias as a customer.

Several excerpts where Sharma discusses deleting information with investigators are below:

A Dream Becomes a Nightmare

Sharma said that after the meeting with Zacharias and Adasanya—and Zacharias’ request to delete information—Sharma wanted out of the spa business. The experience, he said, was devastating to him emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Sharma, who was raised a Hindu, first met Zacharias because Sharma had questions about life and spirituality. And it was through Zacharias that Sharma became a believer and the two formed a close friendship. Repeatedly, Sharma says in the interviews that Zacharias was his only friend.

Sharma said that when Ravi invited him to be an investor in the first spa, which was incorporated in 2004 and called Touch of Eden, Sharma was “thrilled.”

“I was on Cloud Nine that somebody like Ravi’s asking me to be his partner,” Sharma told the attorney hired by C&MA.

In his interview with Lynsey Barron, Sharma said that his main interest in the spa was not financial, but spiritual. He saw it as an opportunity to spend time with Zacharias and discuss Christianity. As a result, Sharma said he didn’t even look at a business plan, but quickly invested around $50,000.

Sharma said the third investor in Touch of Eden was a woman named Vicki, who ran the spa’s day-to-day operations. (I am not reporting Vicki’s last name to respect her privacy. However, Vicki is listed on official business documents I obtained from the state of Georgia.)

Sharma said Vicki expressed a desire in 2007 to get out of the business but he didn’t know why. As a result, Sharma said he and Zacharias closed Touch of Eden, which was both a spa and a hair salon.

Zacharias and Sharma then incorporated Jivan Wellness in April 2007 and  converted the salon/spa into a pure Ayurvedic spa. This required major remodeling, which Sharma said he funded.

Sharma added that he and Zacharias bought a business in Duluth, Georgia, which enabled them to acquire massage therapists. Sharma said he and Zacharias had no therapists after closing Touch of Eden.

According to the state of Georgia, Jivan Wellness dissolved on September 13, 2010. Sharma told me in a follow-up interview that the meeting with Zacharias and Adasanya had occurred in July 2010.

Over the six years he owned spas with Zacaharias, Sharma said he invested $300,000 to $400,000, or even more, in the businesses and got little in return.

After getting out of the business, Sharma said he was homeless and lived for a time with his brother and with Adasanya.

In his interview with investigators hired by Miller and Martin, Sharma referred to the spa business as a “shattered dream” and said he was “depressed” after Jivan closed. He then moved to California to try and start his life over.

Below is a clip where Sharma talks about his investment in Jivan Wellness:

Sharma Discovers Abuse at Touch of Eden

Sharma said he never knew that any abuse occurred at Touch of Eden while the spa was in operation.

However, more recently, Sharma said he connected with a theology professor in Canada, named James Beverley, who had been researching allegations against Zacharias. Sharma said Beverley also had connected with Vicki, the former spa manager at Touch of Eden.

After talking to Beverley, Sharma said he talked to Vicki. And according to Sharma, Vicki “talked about (Zacharias) misbehaving with at least three or four girls before even I (was) even aware of it.”

I spoke with Beverley, a research professor at Tyndale University, who confirmed that he spoke with Sharma in the summer of 2020. Beverley also said he had spoken and corresponded with Vicki in July 2020, and that Vicki had told Beverley that Zacharias had molested multiple therapists at the spa.

I reached out to Vicki through her attorney for comment. But her attorney said Vicki did not want to speak about what happened with Zacharias at this time.

In the clip below from his interview with the attorney from the C&MA, Sharma talks about several of the incidents involving Zacharias, including those that were relayed by Vicki. (Mentions of Vicki’s last name have been bleeped out.):




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40 thoughts on “TRR Exclusive: Co-owner of Spas With Ravi Zacharias Speaks of “Happy Endings” and Requests to Delete Information”

  1. “….I’ve got pressure, I’ve got a bad marriage, I’m entitled to some relaxation….” (1st recording above)
    “She wrote that she emailed Zacharias in October 2015, asking him what he was getting out of the relationship.

    The letter states that in his response, which Zacharias asked Thompson to keep confidential, Zacharias divulged that his marriage was “more of a business partnership” and that “he was profoundly alone.””

    unbelievable. he used his marriage to manipulate women so he could molest them.

    and then he goes on to say this in 2017:

    “In my 45 years of marriage to Margie, I have never engaged in any inappropriate behavior of any kind. I love my wife with all my heart and have been absolutely faithful to her these more than 16,000 days of marriage, and have exercised extreme caution in my daily life and travels, as everyone who knows me is aware. I have long made it my practice not to be alone with a woman other than Margie and our daughters—not in a car, a restaurant, or anywhere else.”

        1. Egalitarian?! He was as much of a misogynist as can be walking on earth! To tell a person to get an abortion without letting her get a word in as to how she felt, feeling entitled to use and abuse these women… Sickening. If it is sickening to us, frail and imperfect humans, just think what God thinks. We made sure to go listen and meet him afterward when he spoke in our town. Our kids grew up loving listening to him. He has a lot to answer for…

          1. Did Ravi tell someone to get an abortion? Where did I miss this? Was it in one of these recordings?

  2. I think it may be a bit concerning for the masseurs that this recording got leaked. It surely would worry them that their conversations with Miller & Martin could also get leaked and their identities become exposed. For that reason, is it ethical that Julie Roys published the recordings?

    1. I think what you’re missing is that the recording didn’t get leaked. It was shared with me by the person who was interviewed and made his own recording–Anurag Sharma. So, the masseusses (I don’t believe any of the victims are men) have nothing to worry about.

      1. You disclosed information to the public that the victims may not have wanted shared. Perhaps Sharma lacked discretion and understanding of the victim’s feelings, but it seems like you did too.
        It is one thing if someone asks me privately about a person’s victimization and I share that In order to help them. It is entirely another to give it to a reporter and have them broadcast it publicly.

        1. What’s included in this article mainly corroborates what the victims have already told Christianity Today and WORLD Magazine. I’m not sure what details you’re objecting to, but this is a matter of public interest that concerns a ministry that takes public donations. I have been careful to protect the identities of victims. But I will continue to report information relevant to this story. That’s what reporters do.

          1. Julie, Thanks for responding. To answer your question, I would be concerned about Vicky. Many people she knows would be able to directly connect her to this so not giving her last name doesn’t help. Besides that, she specifically said she did not want to “did not want to speak about what happened with Zacharias at this time.” Neither public interest, public donations, or being a reporter is a reason to share a victim’s/innocent person’s story without their consent. It’s not unusual at all for reporters not to be able to use information from victims. (See Ronan Farrow’s work on Weinstein.)

          2. I have not told Vicki’s story. Though I could, I chose not to, out of respect for her. What is included in this story about her is already in the public domain. And yes, I am very familiar with Ronan Farrow’s work on Weinstein.

      2. Hi Julie,

        My apologies. I assumed that the leak came from within Miller & Martin. I didn’t realise that Anurag Sharma recorded it himself. Thanks Julie for your tireless work bringing these allegations to light. I also really enjoyed your podcast with Steve Baughman.

        There are so many questions that have been raised from your RZ reports..
        I have read that Ravi paid for masseurs to fly in from India and elsewhere to massage him. Is that definitely true?

        Also did Zacharias Trust reimburse Ravi the $250K for the NDA he did with Lori Anne?

        I look forward to Abdu Murray and Michael Ramsden being interviewed on their roles in trying to suppress questioning from RZIM staff and spreading lies about the scandals.
        Have you heard what discussions have been taking place at RZIM US and if the US and UK meeting has taken place?

      3. They personnel at the above referenced high end spas were licensed and trained massage therapists, esthetician’s and had other specific cosmetology degrees. Many with specialized diplomas. (Sports therapy, neuromuscular, reflexologists, etc.). They were not masseuses that are found in some less reputable “massage” businesses.

  3. The pattern is emerging and unfortunately this is likely the tip of a dark iceberg involving years of abuse to many women across the globe. May even be sex trafficking involved if therapists were brought in to work at the spas. It’s time for RZIM to shut doors, ID and pay victims, release LT from NDA, and entire board step down as enablers. And any well known Christian leaders who supported him over the years should make public statements immediately.

    No more sweeping this aside as just a human like all of us who made mistakes. It seems to have been a years long pattern of unrepentant sin starting with facilitating the abortion of his brother’s baby years ago. The use of bogus credentials was another red flag. The signs of narcissistic behavior have been there all along. He played the system to his benefit for years.

    I’m flummoxed how any Christians around him could look the other way as he was involved in running “spas” like this especially given the history of sex abuse at such establishments and the Ayurvedic/Hindu foundation applied specifically at these spas.

    May this story put the fear of God into all leaders and believers. And may all his victims receive healing and restitution. God have mercy.

    1. “May this story put the fear of God into all leaders and believers. And may all his victims receive healing and restitution. God have mercy.”

      fear of God?

      ha…. it will be fear of losing their paychecks, revenue streams, power, and legacy.

    1. When you read the gushing, fawning praise everyone gives Ravi in his YouTube videos, you can see how he got away with being a predator. A former RZIM exec called him a uniquely charismatic manipulator. Ravi was a genius at presenting himself as the perfect godly man. He knew just how to portray himself to Evangelicals.


      WOWEE ! In the link above , RZ is speaking at a wedding and at the 5:30 mark he begins speaking about a buildings foundation…… ” the foundation on which you build your home is going to be very critical” ….. then he spoke about a FLAWED foundation….. “and the foundation WAS NOT ABLE TO SUSTAIN IT”
      Then he spoke about storms and trees being toppled and said ” I noticed something, as GIGANTIC as the
      trees were, the ROOTS WERE VERY SHALLOW”
      Well well well ,how very interesting when you understand that in the beginning of RZ’s ministry in 1973 he counseled his own brother Ramesh and then girlfriend Shirley Steward to abort (murder) their baby. RZ’s wife Margie was complicit in that she helped set up the abortion at St Michael’s hospital in Toronto through a co worker. By the way abortion was illegal in Canada in 1973.
      So in conclusion, here is a murderous man and wife breaking the law of the land , treating other human beings in a very nasty, disturbing, selfish, evil way so that their new “ministry” would not be tainted.
      This GIANT of a man with very shallow roots had a VERY FLAWED FOUNDATION which means that RZIM is BUILT UPON THAT VERY SAME VERY FLAWED FOUNDATION which …… IS NOT ABLE TO SUSTAIN IT.
      And this by RZ’s own words………… Thanks RZ for sharing your thoughts.

    3. :( What does he mean – move forward? I expected a better response.

      According to CT: Michael Ramsden – “He also said, however, that if the investigation proved the worst allegations were true, that wouldn’t be fatal for the ministry. RZIM could clearly condemn the misconduct and move forward.”

  4. And no one on the RZIM board knew any of this? And no one asked questions about the optics of this “Hindu” massage parlour from the get go?
    Ravi was the golden goose.
    And a dirty old man preying on the vulnerable.

  5. Seems like RZ had intellectual and charisma gifts, alongside business acumen, found sheep’s clothing to put on, and went to work. Am I being cynical, or should we always be concerned when ministry=money and fame?

    1. I think he was.. over-time.. “ensnared by the enemy!”.. we should not be so arrogant!.. thinking this can’t happen to any of Us!! God bless!

      1. Who said this couldn’t happen to any of us? I did not see anyone say that, so maybe you should check what God thinks about false witnesses in the Scriptures. I’m sorry, but I was a victim of abuse at the hands of church leaders, and anyone calling anyone arrogant who is condemning this sort of behavior ought to examine their hearts. (By the way, I’m doing my Master’s in biblical studies, so before you throw any verses at me, you might want to think about how well you know your Bible). Your response is piggish and is spitting in the face of those who are victims. I’m sorry, but it’s time to get blunt and in-your-face about with people like you about this stuff. The Church is sick, and it’s because of people like you.

  6. Awful, truly truly awful. Unbridled and illicit sexual activity destroys both victim and abuser. May the Lord God have mercy on all of us, and give us hearts and minds fully inclined to the purity He calls us to and expects His people to walk in.

    1. Especially when victims are identified when they haven’t been before when only telling their story asking for anonymity and nothing else. Then a reporter decides to break that respectfully honored anonymity by others. She decided not to use a description of “another owner who does not wish to be identified”, or something less specific than – here is her first name and here is where you can find her last name. To what purpose, except to further victimize a victim. Maybe because the owner did not wish to give said reporter an interview.

      1. I do agree with this, Becca. Let me see if I can write better than I did in my previous comment, ugh. I’ve been a little angry (a sarcastic understatement) with responses from those within the church to all this, and because of that, it has been difficult to collect myself to communicate well for weeks. I feel like one of those cartoon characters with bulging eyes, a cherry red face, and steam coming out the top of my head. Anyways, I think we need to advocate for the victims, not just here (where a fake name should have been used in place of a first name for another added layer of protection for the witness who wanted to remain anonymous) but with the Church (capitalized to refer to the worldwide entity). Too many are sickly attempting to use Scripture to defend and protect Ravi from public shame while ignoring the shame and pain of the victims. It isn’t just RZIM leaders that are complicit in the lack of accountability for Ravi. The entire Church is complicit. The toxic loyalty exhibited in the RZIM leadership is reflective of that which is in place in church culture, at least in the American church. Leaders often feel entitled to unconditional trust and loyalty and guilt questioning followers into giving those by telling them how hard pastors and their families have it. I wish someone would do a You Tube video on this to honor the victims before attempting to teach lessons to people about leaders’ failures. How about doing some research and doing a video on how the church can better respond to these things by honoring the victim rather than the perp? Calling this a failure is an understatement and continuing to celebrate Ravi and his work is inappropriate and wrong and spits in the victims’ faces. Things have come a long way for women but obviously not far enough.

        1. Thank you, for your understanding and caring. I agree with you completely. I do wish the reporter had used a fake name (deep throat is already taken. Haha). It would have been the respectful thing to do for a victim who’s ONLY request, ever, was anonymity.

      2. That alternative description you offer is also enough for her — the third investor — to be fully identified. It’s important to respect her desire for a modicum of privacy, but it’s also important to know that what someone is alleging has also been at least partially verified from other sources.

        I feel that Mrs. Roys has been pretty careful and thoughtful about drawing that line.

        1. The truths stated by all victims are not allegations or considered to be allegations at this time. They are considered to be the truth. Please adjust your mind frame and you will understand the facts.

  7. A narcissist always feels entitled. If you meet anyone who comes off as an entitled person, run the other way. The ministry attracts them, as do other positions of power, control, and adulation.

  8. One of the weaknesses of modern Christianity, especially Evangelicalism, is its worship of the celebrity Christian. Whether it is Ravi Zacharias or Bill Hybels or Bill Johnson, Christians go chasing after these supermen of the church when the bible could not be clearer (1Cor 3:4).

  9. My opinion is:
    Mr. David Dale Davis was a major financial supporter of Mr. Ravi Zacharias.
    In the article:
    on January 25, 2019 by Daniel P. Kinkade it says under “GLOBAL IMPACT”:
    While these local establishments meant much to D.D. (David Dale Davis), he also had a heart for global impact—using the resources God blessed him with to reach and equip people all over world. The most notable impact was on the life and ministry of well-known Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias. After hearing him speak at a conference in Ohio, D.D. saw a unique gifting in Ravi to clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with dignity, and equip believers to defend their faith, regardless of their religious background. D.D. graciously provided funding to Ravi for the upstart of his ministry. Little did D.D. know, the amount of money he gave was the exact amount needed. This funded a three-story building in India for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries—a place for ministry to thrive and for pastors to study abroad. D.D. continued to mentor, encourage, pray for, and financially provide for Ravi and his ministry. He gathered other businessmen to come alongside him in this endeavor.
    Unfortunately, Ms. Margaret Zacharias, Ms. Sarah Davis, and Ms. Naomi Zacharias did not hold Mr. Ravi Zacharias accountable.
    In the article:
    Ministry roiled by late founder’s sexual misconduct scandal
    on January 4, 2021 by David Crary it says in the sixth last paragraph:
    RZIM’s Form 990 for 2015 reported that nearly all its revenue came from contributions and grants, which totaled $24.6 million. Zacharias’ wife, Margaret, is listed as vice chairman of ministry; their eldest daughter, Sarah Davis, as executive director; and their younger daughter, Naomi Zacharias, as vice president for a grant-making division called Wellspring International.

    1. That building in India is probably in the family portfolio. I had wondered if RZ, like KP Yohannon, had bought up property and businesses in India. If so, RZ is very rich. Might look and see if RZ owns something in UAE. Bangkok is a place where roughly 400,000 Indians live and many more vacation there. RZ could easily get lost and no one would notice him there. He could blend in.

      I think RZIM will go just far enough in the crisis management plan then stop it before completion. They will play the victim at some point and regroup with RZ loyalists. They will certainly find fault with the process. I doubt the family will ever give the reigns of power and money up. I don’t think it is a ministry, It is a family business.

      As far as RZ being a flawed man …one therapist had to literally put his hands in a sling to stop the groping. That is NOT NORMAL for a person to be so out of control of themselves that their hands have to be tied down. How many men would get turned on when a woman told him all the aweful abuse she suffered as a kid? Ask your male friends it they would find that sexy. Yet he abused Lori Ann after she told him her story. RZ was more than a sinner or flawed man in my opinion. He had some serious issues that should have been address by a profession. Please, Let’s stop sugar coating this. He was a very sick man. His sexual experiences were not normal behavior. I don’t believe he was a sex addict either. It was something beyond that and only a professional could have helped him and the family. I really hope the family will take time for therapy.

  10. Let God Be The Judge

    Regardless of his shortcomings and acts of sexual misconduct, he preached the gospel and helped save many lives to come to the Lord. Let God Elohim be the judge of Ravi’s deeds on earth not man. For who ever is sinless caste the first stone. Humans have no right to judge anyone on earth lest they be judged first. I’m not agreeing or justifying Ravi’s actions but the comments on this thread are coming from people that have far beyond messed up lives themselves to be talking about someone else’s actions. RZIM needs to pay restitution and move on and continue the work of God. Only God could heal those victims, I’m sure no dollar amount will heal those wounds, but the work of God must go on. What happened is uncalled for and in no way okay, unfortunately Ravi is no longer with us to face consequences but to speak of closing a ministry down due to the act of one person is plain sinister.

    1. It’s many people now. And the truth has been stated, corroborated and confirmed by all, including RZIM. God relishes the truth. No stone casting here. God’s truth through His plan, at His time had been revealed. Praise be to the Lord Most High. Thank you Father.

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