Fellowship Church Surprises Miami Congregation with News Church Has Been Sold

By Julie Roys and Jackson Elliott
Fellowship Church Miami (Fellowship Church website)

Several weeks ago, congregants showed up for what they thought was a regular Sunday service at Fellowship Church Miami—a campus of Pastor Ed Young, Jr.’s, Fellowship Church in Texas, one of the 10 largest churches in the country. But they soon learned this service would be their church’s last.

At the end of his sermon, Campus Pastor Chris King announced that the campus had been sold to an up-and-coming megachurch in the area: Vous Church, pastored by Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

“Transition is a part of every living, growing organization,” King said. “And Fellowship Church is all about transitioning to reach people.”

But to some church congregants and staff, the “transition” came as a shock.

“It all sprung up on us at the last second,” said Steven Anderson, a former worship leader at the church. “A lot of people were, and still are, upset about it.”

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Anderson added that he didn’t ever get an explanation of why the sale was made. However, he said Miami’s campus wasn’t as financially successful as other campuses.

On Instagram, other former Fellowship congregants expressed similar emotions as Anderson, but also hope that the change was part of God’s plan.

“Today, as my heart is broken to lose my church, it makes my heart happy that you guys gained a location,” Fellowship Church member Tammy Mercado commented on Vous’ Instagram post. “Sometimes we question God’s purpose or timing but only when we allow Him to lead, do you see the greater Good.”

Similarly, another Fellowship congregant wrote, “This is tough, but I know God has a plan. Fellowship Church has built a foundation here at this location and God always sends someone to take the vision further.”

Pastor Scott Wilson, spokesman for the main Fellowship Church, told The Roys Report that the congregation and staff at the Miami location didn’t know that the church was up for sale until the announcement on Sunday morning.

“Somebody needs to be told something for the first time in any situation,” Wilson said.

When asked why Fellowship sold the Miami campus, Wilson simply responded that God led Young to make the decision. He added, “Pastor Ed has a long history of leading above reproach at Fellowship Church. He has a long history of being a leader who seeks out wise counsel before making any decision. You can be assured that that took place in this situation.”

Just two months before the announcement, Miami Campus Pastor Chris King had urged his congregation to make year-end gifts to the now-shuttered church in a Facebook post. King now has returned to the mother church in Texas where he works as a pastor.

The Roys Report reached out to King for comment, but he did not respond.

Anderson said he suspected Fellowship leaders were hiding something when his former church recently fixed a leaky roof. He added that the roof had been a problem since he first attended the church in 2016.

Anderson said that the day before Fellowship announced the sale, Vous Church posted a promotional video on Instagram, featuring drone shots of Fellowship’s building. And on the morning of the sale, all Fellowship Miami online pages disappeared.  

Since the sale, Fellowship Church’s headquarters have not communicated at all with former Miami church members, Anderson said.

He added that his former church community has since been scattered to several other area churches.

Vous Church surprises its staff with news of purchase

On February 28, just hours after Fellowship’s members learned of the sale of their church, Vous surprised its staff with news of the purchase.

First, the church treated its staff to dinner. Then, a bus arrived and transported Vous’ staff to the new location. Vous captured the event on video and shared it in an edited form with upbeat music on Instagram.

“I don’t know how to feel. What are we doing?” one staff member exclaimed before boarding the bus.

“I don’t even know what we’re doing,” another said.

The video shows staff cheering and excitedly entering the building that used to belong to Fellowship Church. After entering the auditorium, Pastor Wilkerson shares the news.

“Hey, so if you haven’t noticed yet, this is—we just put this whole entire property—seven acres—under contract last week,” Wilkerson said. “This is going to be the South Miami home for Vous Church, ladies and gentlemen!”

Wilkerson is the son of Rich Wilkerson, Sr., the pastor of Trinity Church, one of the largest megachurches in suburban Miami.

The younger Wilkerson became famous in 2014 when he married Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. He’s also appeared with Justin Bieber and has his own reality TV show, called “Rich in Faith.”

Ed Young sells Florida vacation home

Ten days after selling the Miami church campus, Fellowship Pastor Ed Young also sold his $5.5 million beach condo in the nearby Florida Keys. He had listed the property just before Christmas.

Ed Young’s former Miami beach house (Photo Credit: Realtor.com)

According to Realtor.com, the 4,508-square-foot home rests on just under a half-acre of beachfront property and has five bedrooms, a pool with a jacuzzi, an elevator, a guest home, and two garages with space for seven cars.

Young bought the house in 2015 for over $2.9 million through a private trust, according to Monroe County government documents.

Barry Bowen of the Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog group, said megachurch pastors often open campuses in resort areas for their tax benefit. If the pastors buy a luxury home nearby, Bowen said, they can fly to the area for a vacation stay and mark it down as a church expense.

“Those type of things get abused a lot. They really do,” Bowen said.

Wilson, however, said the sale of the house had nothing to do with the sale of the church. He also said it was common knowledge that the Youngs own investment properties, and that they planned to give a gift to the church from the proceeds of the sale.



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50 thoughts on “Fellowship Church Surprises Miami Congregation with News Church Has Been Sold”

  1. Hey, what’s the big deal? Reminds me of the day when I worked at an office supply company and one morning I came to work to learn that 3/4 of our business was sold and most of our stores were gone.

    Church is just another big business, right??? Just follow the money trail. It all works out.

    Just one question. This isn’t a joke right? It is April Fool’s Day. No? Oh well – just wishful thinking. That’s right. It really is that bad out there in Christendom these days. Sigh!

    1. If I attended the church I would demand all the money I contributed to the church get returned and if that didnt happen I would sue the person who made the decision to sell. Another reason I will no longer tithe to a church.

  2. “The “pastor” returned to the “mother church”. Thousands of deceived people go to a satanic business and are surprised by this? They need to be warned that they will follow their leaders into hell at the judgement. Evangelicalism is a group of religious businesses that have no fellowship with Christ but hate Him.

    1. Howard
      Thank-you – especially these mega-church businesses.

      I won’t even get into the hate/fear-mongering ideology.


    2. hannahruth1947

      I agree with you Howard. Another thing I noticed as I watched the video is that I have never in my life witnessed such demonic spirits among the congregation. Hooping and jumping and clapping as though they were at a pop concert. And the worst is that they don’t even know why they’re acting like demons. How dare they say that this is from God and let’s go on a ”God” walk. This is sickening and they are so far, far, away from God. But we all make our choices whom to follow. I will always follow Christ and His teachings and it is very, very hard; not a picnic and nothing to hoop and haa about; just and inner joy of pleasing God.

  3. Does that mean the church closed permanently ? Not relocating?
    If so, that is totally unbiblical. A reason to belong to a good denomination.

  4. This article really highlights and mirrors how Jesus lived and dressed. Jesus didn’t have a place to lay his head but some of his followers have million dollar houses and nicer clothes. Then some wonder why some christians do not attend church.

  5. Taking money in donations while secretly selling the property and secretly planning to shut it down with NO NOTICE, no farewells, how despicable. Ed Young of Texas seems to be a rich wolf in shepherd’s clothing. They make a mockery of the name, “Fellowship Church”. Good grief.

  6. This is the problem with a lot of Mega Churches: They’re VERY DISHONEST! Don’t bring God into a situation where there was no proper communication and integrity in the process. He had nothing to do with it! Just admit that that is what you wanted to do and you did it. You mean you would have people pour their lives into your ministry all those years, but not even think of them when you sold the property? The Scripture says, “LET ALL THINGS BE DONE DECENTLY AND IN ORDER”, and for the record, GOD IS A GOD OF ORDER!

    Ed Young ought to be ashamed of how he conducted this business, and he needs to repent! The other Church in Miami that purchased the property is no better. They should have communicated with their staff and congregation as well, but instead of doing that, they thought by providing a Dinner, that that somehow would make things acceptable. It is unacceptable! I do not care for dishonest and sneaky people, whether they’re pastors or lay persons. Why does a pastor own a 5 million dollar house……that is not even his primary residence? No wonder people are sick of the Church!

  7. Mark Pospisil

    Is this an April’s Fool post??? Please tell me it is, please…

    What is wrong with the church today? This is what is wrong (if this is true…). The church is not an organization but an organism. It’s the Body of Christ. We are treating it as franchises that are bought and sold for investments. The church is being bought and sold to promote our idols and prestige but totally cutting of the Head, Christ Jesus! Lord, have mercy on us.

  8. I cannot say I ever had a high opinion of Ed Young, especially after seeing this video a long time ago.


    I guess if this is the quality of the sermon preparation then it says a lot about the church as a whole. Poor teaching leads to poor living, and maybe it is why some churches end up operating like businesses instead of the body of Christ.

  9. I love that pastor King had to say, “Pastor Ed has a long history of leading above reproach at Fellowship Church. He has a long history of being a leader who seeks out wise counsel before making any decision. You can be assured that that took place in this situation.”

    You can now say anything and that makes it true, more so in spite of the results, shock, confusion and behavior—the guts to just abandon and flee to Texas!?! —Above reproach? God led Ed? Right!

    1. Note that that comment is from Pastor Scott Wilson, spokesman for the main Fellowship Church, and not Pastor Chris King.

  10. Plant a church + Find unsuspecting souls to finance a property + sell the property and collect the profits
    = above reproach?

  11. So God led Eddie Boy to sell the church.
    Amazing. It is amazing the type of crap that gets thrown on God. For the record, God didn’t lead Eddie to do this. Eddie is a CEO big-time business man. It is so far away from any Biblical model of Church leadership. What a joke. There aren’t enough foul words available to even remotely describe what I’m thinking right now. What happens to those members?
    I’ll tell you what happens. They become collateral damage in the never ending scam of the institutional business model religious system. Useless. But Eddie’s club in Dallas will be full of sheeple come Sunday morning. Are there any men left in these places. No, there aren’t men in churches like this. If any man confronted the situation, they would be escorted out. Embarrassing. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you… the “church”.

    1. Dang it. One more thing. For someone to say that God led Ed to do this would be like me saying God led me to cheat on my wife with two strippers and a goat.

      1. I take back most of what I said. There has to be a place where those who attended will be coming together again. I’m betting they will find a new campus. That is what I am choosing to believe.

        1. Steven Anderson

          Funny enough… Two days after the announcement, I actually formed a WhatsApp group for a handful of us. The group started off with 9 people and grew to 65 in 3 weeks. We all discussed the different churches we wanted to try out, and visited in a group so large, that we had to warn the churches days in advance. Most of us have found a new church that we can see ourselves at. We aren’t all under the same roof anymore, but the group acknowledges that the church is not confined to four walls.

          1. Steven, what kind of church structure did you have that the congregation was given no input on selling their property? It is very hard for me to understand how this happened.

  12. From all I can tell, Fellowship Church is an independent church. One of the gambles of attending an independent church is that the pastor, a nepotistic board, or a small group of insiders may in fact be the corporate entity. This means the congregation has zero say, about the building, the offering uses, or salaries. This is coupled with zero authority over the pastor of any kind. In well structured, transparent denominations, the congregation through an elected board or a denomination authority has some authority.

    In my Pentecostal denomination, if a church closes, the building and assets are deeded to the regional denominational authority so they will be used for gospel work. If there is a bankruptcy, the regional church authority also takes the reigns and supervises the liquidation. Additionally, the regional and national authorities can take disciplinary action against a minister and indirectly remove him or her by removing their good standing. Local churches must subscribe to certain basic requirements of financial accountability and board structure to be part of the denomination. Denominationalism is often mindlessly attacked. But a multi-campus church of 20,000 is in fact a mini-denomination but with the structure of family corporation. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, we are seeing what can go wrong every day.

    I have seen with great frequency pastors who hated any authority or accountability leave denominations to form independent churches. Often they are charismatic personalities and crowd pleasers. With a rebellious spirit, they are on the road to a mess. Now what I have said is not true of every independent church. It is important for people choosing a church to read the church’s constitution and by-laws, not just the doctrinal statement. If you don’t check, don’t take any initiative, you aren’t being a good steward. Many of the churches with problems have many spectator attendees who are thrilled to be in a big exciting church where everything is taken care of–no muss, no fuss, no responsibility. Then they bitterly complain when they discover everything has been mismanaged, the pastor and family are millionaires, and the church is foundering, and the pastor and his family are retired in Bermuda. The NT is full of admonitions to not follow pastors for whom money is their god. .

    1. I completely agree with you. That is the advantages of denominations. Lots of abuse with so called non-denominational/independent churches which often should part of the AOG, or the SBC when you look at the resumes of the pastors.

      1. Hi Terence

        You write…
        “That is the advantages of denominations.”

        NOPE… NO denominations in the Bible…
        Denominations gots lots of problems…

        The Roman Catholic Church – covered up sex abuse.

        Churches in The Southern Baptist Convention – covered up sex abuse.

        Churches in the United Pentecostal Church – sex abuse

        Churches in The Independent Fundamental Baptist – sex abuse.

        Etc… Etc…. Etc….

        Want more…
        Just Google… Denominations and sex abuse…

        What else are these “denominations” doing that’s NOT right…

        If they can NOT get this “sex abuse” thing right… Right?

        1. Hi, you are right. I just mean by being part of the denomination you are more likely to have accountability, scandals can’t be hidden for ever and when it happens the best is done. I m not on the pessimistic side. I am familiar with the Assembly of God, nobody is perfect but at least there is are some spiritual authorities you are under. With independent churches too often the leadership is such that the churches don’t fellowship deeply with others churches. What i meant is we know many independent churches should be part of a denomination or fellowship of churches but for some reasons decide not too. Ed Young was brought up Baptist. Vous Church is non-denominational but is somewhat considered as a campus church of Trinity Miami which is part of the Assembly of God if you visit Trinity website.
          I don’t disagree abuses happen everywhere, denomination or not.
          One last thing is Rich Wilkerson Jr and his church partner with Ed Young’s C3 organization which is a network or churches.

          1. Terence

            Thanks for the additional information…
            About Trinity, Miami, and C3 Global.

            “…being part of the denomination
            you are more likely to have accountability…”

            It looks like that on the suface… BUT… Over the years…
            I’ve met quite a few clergy (NO clergy, laity, divide in the Bible.)
            Of mainline denominations who are NOT even saved…
            And pastors who do NOT meet the Qualifications…
            For elders, who desire to be overseers…
            Given by Paul, and most likely Jesus…
            Found in 1 Tim 3, and Titus…

            Shouldn’t the “Hired” pastors have to meet the Qualifications?
            And, da guys runnin the denomination, meet the Qualifications?
            If NOT? Which ones can They, and WE, His Ekklesia, “Ignore?”

            Where is the acountability of The Denomination…
            To make sure these clergy being ordained…
            And being “Hired” by the congregations…
            At least met the 17+, qualifications?
            And were saved?

            Yeah, saved…
            Believe it or NOT…
            There are pastors today in Pulpits…
            That do NOT believe there is a God… Next post…

            I’m-a-thinken… If WE, His Sheep, His Church…
            Would get serious about these Qualifications…
            WE, could eliminate a lot of the problems…
            That this website has been covering….

            But… Then again…
            If the pastors had to meet…
            The 17+, very tough qualifications…
            There would be too many empty pulpits…:-)

            And other sheep I have, which are NOT of this fold:
            them also I must bring, and they shall “hear My voice; “
            and there shall be “ONE” fold, and “ONE” shepherd.
            John 10:16

            If not now? – When?

            One Voice – One Fold – One Shepherd – One Leader

            {{{{{{ Jesus }}}}}}

          2. Terence

            A little warning – When looking for a place to fellowship…
            You NOW have to ask the pastor, reverend…
            If they actually believe there is a God.

            No kidding. There are…
            Paid, Professional, Pastors, in Pulpits….
            Preaching, to People, in Pews…
            Weak after Weak…

            Who do NOT believe there is a God.
            You can’t make this stuff up… ;-)

            The Clergy Project

            The Clergy Project is a confidential online community for **active** and former **clergy** who do not hold supernatural beliefs. The Clergy Project launched on March 21st, 2011.

            Currently, the community’s 500 plus members use it to network and discuss what it’s like being an **unbelieving leader** in a religious community. The Clergy Project’s goal is to support members as they move beyond faith. Members freely discuss issues related to their transition from believer to unbeliever…
            Here is another site…
            Pastors who don’t believe in God
            By Rod Dreher


            Here’s “Adam,” a UCC pastor:

            “I wanted my life to matter. To connect. For something bigger and better, beyond what I was doing.”

            Rod says…
            “They all talk like this, explaining that they stick it out in ministry in part because it is personally fulfilling to work with people, and to do so in a churchy environment. Notice, though, that it never was about God. It was always about Me. Corruption at its root.”

            .Here is the PDF – From…
            Tufts University – Preachers Who Are Not Believers


            NOPE… NOT much confidence in “Local Churches,” or Denominations.

            And WE, His Sheep, His Disciples, wonder why…
            Today’s Religious System ain’t working right…
            And church leaders are the offenders…
            And folks are leaving in droves…

            You can’t make this stuff up… ;-)

            Pastors Who Are Not Believers… Oy Vey!!!

        2. To Amos Love:

          As soon as a local church grows beyond one congregation, into one or two more churches, you have a “denomination.”

          I was in attendance at an independent church once, and the pastor clearly prided himself on the fact that he was not part of a denomination. But, I saw the Sunday School material was produced by a denomination I was familiar with. Young people with a call on their lives were home from attending denominational Bible Colleges for the summer. A look at their staff quickly showed all had been to denominational Bible Colleges. And just for good measure, they had a missionary convention, and all the foreign missionaries were from denominations. I imagine that the pastor prepared his sermon that morning from scholarly material and historical research done by denominational scholars.

          A denomination is simply an association of like-minded churches, often in a particular geographical area or country, who covenant with each other and work cooperatively to advance the gospel. Paul writes about the churches in Greece and in Macedonia. He sees them as identifiable units by geography. The church at Antioch was the mother church for Paul’s mission churches. Paul even goes to the Jerusalem church to validate his ministry. Paul goes to Jerusalem again to get support on the circumcision issue. He recognizes the authority of the Apostles and Elders at the first church to provide guidance to newer Gentile churches. He even takes a written document to the churches from the church at Jerusalem. Why would he do this if there was no recognition of authority outside the local churches? The message from Jesus In Revelation is for delivery to the seven churches in Asia Minor. They were in fact a mini-denomination. The Asia Minor Church. No doubt they were in association with each other, with shared and recognized ministries, and cooperated on common concerns. Rome had a large Christian presence in groups scattered throughout the city. Do you really think that they had no working relationship with each other and recognized no authority outside of their home groups?

          Denominations can become corrupt. That’s true. They rise, decline, die, and are replaced, just like individual congregations. Early Pentecostals saw themselves as a movement and thought they would eventually be welcome back into their former churches. They chafed over the idea of becoming a “denomination.” Over time, they formed denominations because of scandal in local independent Pentecostal churches, fleecing evangelists, unqualified pastors, fake missionaries, and no Bible study materials with a Pentecostal slant. They realized, just like the early churches and all revival movements in history, that working bonds between themselves, some lines of authority, and pooling resources with other churches were critical to effective stewardship and ministry.

          As Jesus admonishes his early disciples and by extension all disciples, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Mt 10:16)

          1. JB
            Appreciate the extensive, well written, reply.
            And there was a time I would agree with you.
            Kinda belived similar things… But, NO longer.

            I have NO faith, or confidence in Local Churches or Denominations.
            Especially the leadership of Local Churches and Denominations.
            And neither Local Churches or Denominations are in the Bible.
            Seen to much… err… funny stuff… differing opinions… Rules…

            And when I was abused by leaders enough times… Ouch!!!
            I realized most Spiritual Abuse is by those with Titles…
            I began to study the Qualifications for overseers…
            Those are some very tuff Qualifications… Yes?
            I did NOT meet the tuff Qualifications and…
            Eventually I cut-up MY precious papers…
            Walked away from being leadership…
            And attempted to be His Sheep…
            Hearing His Voice and…
            Following Jesus.

            Do the overseers of “Fellowship Church” meet the Qualifications?
            I’m only guessin but NO, NOT the way they treated the congregation.

            Do the overseers of your Denomination meet the Qualifications?
            Do the overseers of your Local Church meet the Qualifications?

            If your overseers, pastors, do NOT meet the Qualifications?
            Are they really Biblical overseers? pastors? NOPE…
            If they do NOT? What are you doing there?
            Giving them support? Validation?
            And money?

            Jer 50:6
            “My people” hath been “lost sheep:”
            **THEIR shepherds**
            have caused them to *go astray,*

            Notice, it says THEIR shepherds…
            NOT, God’s shepherds.

            1 Pet 2:25
            For ye were as *sheep going astray;*
            BUT are now returned to
            the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

            {{{{{{ Jesus }}}}}}

          2. JB
            Here is a look at just three Qualifications from Titus.
            That many pastors, elders, leaders, “Ignore,” or “Twist.”

            1 – For a bishop (overseer) “Must Be” *BLAMELESS.
            2 – *JUST. 3 – *HOLY.

            Titus 1:5-8 KJV
            5 …ordain elders in every city…
            6 If any be *BLAMELESS,* the husband of one wife,
            having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.
            7 For a bishop “Must Be” *BLAMELESS,*
            as the steward of God;
            not self willed,
            not soon angry,
            not given to wine,
            no striker,
            not given to filthy lucre;
            8 a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men,
            *JUST,* *HOLY,*

            1 – *Must Be*
            Strongs #1163, die. – It is necessary (as binding).
            Thayer’s – necessity established by the counsel and decree of God.
            This *must be* is the same Greek, You *must be* born again. Jn 3:7
            Seems to be a small word but very important. Yes?

            1 – *BLAMELESS
            Strongs #410 anegkletos – unaccused, irreproachable.
            Thayers – unreproveable, unaccused.
            Dictionary – Without fault, innocent, guiltless, not meriting censure.

            2 – *JUST
            Strongs #1342 – dikaios {dik’-ah-yos} from 1349;
            Thayers – righteous, observing divine laws, innocent, faultless, guiltless.

            3 – *HOLY
            Strongs #3741 – hosios {hos’-ee-os}
            Thayers – undefiled by sin, free from wickedness,
            religiously observing every moral obligation.

            Now that’s three tough qualifications for overseers. Yes?

            How many pastors, overseers today, who honestly examine themselves, seriously considering these three qualifications, can see themselves as BLAMELESS, JUST and HOLY, innocent, without fault, above reproach, undefiled by sin, and thus qualify to be an pastor, overseer? And, if they can see themself as *BLAMELESS? Is that pride? And no longer without fault? ;-)

            If WE, His Sheep, His Ekklesia, His Church, His Body…
            Take seriously the many tough Qualifications in 1 Tim 3, and Titus…
            The number of Biblically Qualified – pastor/leader/reverends…
            Is quite small. ;-)

            But, will these UN-qualified, pastor/leader/reverends,
            “Remove Themselves?”
            And be a good example to the flock?

            Ps 138:6
            Though the LORD be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly:
            but the proud he knoweth afar off.

            Ps 40:4
            Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust,
            and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.

    2. Another problem with a string of churches under one independent name umbrella is that if one gets into a scandal they all suffer from the scandal. That is a good motive to deny or hide scandals in the churches they own. Too big to fail.

  13. I too would like to express how I know all of the church members feel in Miami about this closure. The church feels saddened, hurt, and even betrayed by this unannounced sale of the building without prior notice or reason to the entire congregation. I have been attending from almost the beginning of the opening. Everyone feels betrayed because many of us served for many years and gave so much in our time and efforts, tithes, offerings and even for special capital campaigns like the last one named INTENSE which was said was going to be used for the purchase of another million dollar facility in Frisco, TX. and to maintain and fix the physical buildings including this one in Miami which needed so much attention. The only thing they did were to fix the worship center roof because its was raining on us during services and the kids area. Everything else was a mess with leaks everywhere, the walls and ceilings were a mess. I think though, the obvious is what everyone could see from the big screens. The main campus in Grapevine, TX year by year has diminished in size. Also many of the staff began to leave or fired without word of why. Even here in Miami, after their midtown miami campus was closed and sold, that staff came here to the South Miami location and for a while I remember about 14-17 paid staff where here but all little by little were fired or quit. In the end, only 2 couples or 4 staff were running the campus. When it came to the congregation many have also left from here because of so much pressure to just serve in a position but not the true interest in coming to our help in times of need. I served in different places including the Kids dept. and all I would get was calls to come and serve but when I would ask for prayer and did not come because of illness, I never received a call. I must exclude pastor Art and his wife Lisa. They were the only staff people with true ministry and pastor’s heart for the members. Unfortunately even they were never told of the closing and our hearts feel so bad for them and their kids. The other couple the Kings knew already and even had their house for sale by the time we all were told.

    I understand there may be a situation which might have been challenging economically but this church and its pastor Ed Young never came to us to give us an opportunity to give more offerings or extra to keep the campus open. If truly reaching the lost was in their hearts, they would have at least given us the opportunity to govern our selves and establish a pastor search committee to continue church here. If we would have been told, I’m sure the congregation would have stepped up. What is sad is not just what was done, but how terribly it was done in such a heartless cold fashion. That last Sunday, not even Ed Young himself preached or even came here. There was a guest speaker and the message was on “Interruptions” and how God uses interruptions in life to grow our faith. At the closing Chris King said “talking about interruptions, starting TODAY, RIGHT NOW there is a transition occurring and we as Fellowship Church transition into officially becoming Vous Church with pastor Rick Wilkerson Jr! and for more information as to the times to check the Vous church website and the best….is ….yet to come!!!! As you can imagine everyone was stunned, shocked, people didn’t know if the service was over, others were questioning what was happening?, what does it mean?, others tears began to run down their cheeks, It was a horrible day and it has been 3 terrible weeks. I have not been able to stop crying and I don’t think pastor Ed or Lisa Young or the rest of the campses even understand the damage that has been done to us. There was not even a video of them thanking us for the years of service and giving. After much thought, all they were interested was in the money this merger property would provide them. It is so sad to see when a ministry like this is run with such a corporate mentality that they put their company interest over the people who turns out is the church. I’m sure they will make an excuse for them using the proceeds to expand the kingdom or seek more of the lost, but they just fled Miami which is probably one of America’s most unchurched cities just to bring in the millions. We don’t even know how much this building was sold for. It is just so hurtful and heartless. This pastor and his close staff is so used to doing this and they keep on merging and then closing those churches. I love for the members to STANDUP, and SPEAKOUT against this abuse of power. Ed Young…….. shame on you!

    1. Priscilla Guerra

      Gigi I couldn’t have said it better my self! I’ve been a member of Fellowship church for 6years and I have never seen this kind of thing happen in a church. I can expect it from the world but not a place of God! I started going to Fellowship church because someone invited me and I really liked it from the moment that I stepped inside the church. It blew me away and the kids ministry was amazing. I want of my three daughters to learn and have a place to grow with God’s word. We became friends with many members that we can call family. But the way things wer rununned was not good. I felt that Pastor Ed young do not care a lot about the Miami campus. Very sad to say but that’s what I felt. And now I know that he didn’t. If we were given the opportunity to do an intense to save our campus or any other activities or events that we could have done to raise money we would have done it if we had the chance. Why can we do an intense? We did it when they were opening Frisco Texas. Knowing that things were not going well and they were going to go close Miami campus they should have not opened Frisco. That was poor Management from the pastor. But keeping it from all the members and even passed her art and Liz was unacceptable. We could have done something but now it’s too late! The way that they announced it on the last Sunday was horrible. Watching people confuse hurt and angry was sad to see. But the worst of all was watching my girls cry! This whole situation has traumatize us in a way that we would never get over. But I have faith in God that he will help us through this time of hardship. I pray that he guides us to the right path and to the right church for our family. And that he can heal many that are hurt from this whole situation. I thank you all for your truth and for your support and for your prayers. Thank you and God bless.

    2. They could not have picked a better time to sell homes in Florida btw. The market is crazy hot right now. Think it is a coincidence? Funny how God told them the best time to get top dollar for homes in beautiful Florida. Inventory does not stay on the market long now.

  14. “When asked why Fellowship sold the Miami campus, Wilson simply responded that God led Young to make the decision… Ed has a long history of leading above reproach… You can be assured that that took place in this situation” – lol Pure Horse Manure.So much for transparency. Welcome to the 21st Century Western version of Christianity. – Sheople!

  15. I seriously thougth this was an April Fool’s joke when I first read it yesterday. But sadly, no. The lack of pastoral care for the body of Christ for which he died (which we observe today) is an abomination. There’s nothing more I can say.

  16. Churches like these are not churches they are franchises. When the revenue stream is not up to projection then they sell it off. What about all these members that gave to get that building. All that money gone.
    I am at the point where I don’t feel sorry for them – they should know that these edgy, cool and modern organizations are just pyramid schemes that enrich the few at the top.
    This is the natural end of the Church as a corporation model.

  17. The whole multi-site church model with one megachurch preaching from his corporate HQ (correction: main campus) and having him streamed on jumbotrons to the satellites is an unbiblical crock of sh*t anyways. It really should go the way of the dinosaur, and thankfully because of COVID and cultural changes, probably is.

  18. I spent 12+ years in a famous mega church in Florida, the main campus then a church plant in a different city.

    We fully supported the pastor of the church plant. Until he brought Ed Young in and announced Ed was now his new mentor. Immediately everything changed. The pastor of our church changed. We left soon after. I am not surprised Ed Young has shown up on Julie Roys blog.

  19. Brian Patrick

    Why do people waste their time and money on these Baal-houses? I know, because they want to be prosperous just like the snake-oil preachers are.

    1. Brian, I believe the reason people invest their time and energy in such churches Is because they don’t know any better. Most Christians I know have never read the entire Bible through themselves. Many do not understand the difference between discipleship and church attendance became we’ve been taught to equate being a christian with attending church. Large numbers of churches buy into a model which attracts people to programs centered on “professional Sunday events” rather than training people to walk with Jesus.

      A colleague of mine who used to be a youth pastor in a mega church told me the constant discussion of staff did not center around Jesus or discipleship, but on Excellence. By which they meant excellence in putting on programs.

      The very idea that a church is a package which can be bought and sold, complete with its members, is offensive to everything Jesus taught and died for.

      For those reading this blog who were a part of this community, I express my sympathy and concern. Rather than merely finding another church to attend why not get together with one another in home groups which read the word together, encouraging one another to walk daily as Jesus disciples. Early churches started by the apostles followed this model. The Philippian jailer and Lydia did not have paid staff, seminary trained leaders, or professional programs. Rather they had one another, the Holy Spirit and the stories of Jesus to guide them.

  20. My words… any words do not suffice to explain the corruption of all of this! Good Lord are we american “christians” under some heavy demonic delusions… and the mega-churchy crowd and all their sycophants (small or large) are constantly moaning about “persecution” from the big bad gov… If this is the kind of thing that’s becoming normal in american christianity (even it its just the mega-churchianity) then WE DESERVE some ‘persecution’… We don’t deserve tax-exemption for ANYTHING! We have abused our privileges and it’s really high time we LOSE them. More and more it’s become a prayer of mine. “God, please use whatever (including big bad Dem gov) to chastise the delusional, spiritually sick, money-loving, reprobate american churches, especially these mega-churchy businesses and their disgusting CEO’s…

    As a follower of Jesus and a heart for the purity and holiness of His Church… this makes me SICK!

  21. Since that time, Fellowship Church has sold its “location” in Keller (to a Church of Christ congregation which is also a multi-site operation) and its Norman OK campus is for sale (I had to go up that way on business and drove by the campus). North Port FL needs to be careful, it may be next.

  22. Fellowship Church North Port campus has just closed suddenly! No dialogue or discussion with the congregation, no visit from the Youngs, no answer to emails, no explanation…just closed the doors leaving many without a church family. How can a pastor treat his flock in this way? How is Jesus Christ glorified in this? It certainly points to a corrupt, family-run business whose goal is to make money for themselves all while misleading souls and pretending to be Bible teaching church. So very, very sad! We are heartbroken!

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