John MacArthur

The Prosperous Lifestyle of America’s Anti-Prosperity Gospel Preacher

By Julie Roys

For decades, John MacArthur has railed on prosperity preachers, likening them to  “greed mongerers” who led First Century cults. 

Recently, he’s also taken aim at scandal-plagued evangelical leaders, like the late apologist Ravi Zacharias and former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz, saying these celebrities were in ministry only for the money. That’s why “liars and frauds and false teachers” are in business, MacArthur said in a recent sermon. “False teachers always do it for the same reason—filthy lucre, money.” 

Yet according to financial statements and tax forms obtained by The Roys Report, John MacArthur and his family preside over a religious media and educational empire that has over $130 million in assets and generates more than $70 million a year in tax-free revenue.

MacArthur and his family and related companies have been paid more than $12.8 million from ministry and donor funds. And MacArthur owns three luxury homes worth millions.

In one year alone, MacArthur made more than $402,000 for part-time work at his broadcast ministry, Grace to You (GTY), and another $103,000 from The Master’s University and Seminary (TMUS). This was in addition to MacArthur’s salary from the megachurch he pastors, Grace Community Church, as well as book royalties and speaking fees.

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Also, in a scenario very similar to Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), the board of GTY has been stacked for decades with MacArthur family members. Like RZIM, GTY also stopped filing IRS 990 tax forms in 2015, which enabled the ministry to keep executive salaries secret.

Grace Community Church (GCC) refuses to release its financial statements in violation of a core standard of the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA) of which Grace was a member.

When I contacted the ECFA about GCC, Compliance Team Lead Jake Lapp replied that the ECFA requires its members to provide a copy of their current financial statements upon written request. He added, “We have been in communication with the church regarding this requirement and expect you will hear a response soon.” 

That was 10 months ago.

To date, I have not heard back from GCC, even after emailing the church again to  request financial statements. However, I recently learned that GCC resigned from the ECFA less than two weeks after Lapp contacted the church about complying with ECFA standards.*

I also reached out to Grace Church elder and GTY executive director, Phil Johnson, inquiring about some of these matters. Johnson responded that some of the information I requested is “a matter of public record. A real journalist would know that.” (The composition of GTY’s board is publicly available; the answers to my other questions were not.)

Johnson further stated that his email, dated March 23, 2020, would be “the last correspondence you will receive from me. Nor will anyone who speaks for our ministry ever answer questions for you regarding any story you intend to write.” 

MacArthur’s Millions in Homes 

MacArthur first came under fire for his money in 2014, when several bloggers published MacArthur’s salaries, calling them “reprehensible” and noting that MacArthur “earns more than the president of the United States.” 

In response, Phil Johnson posted a statement at the Sharper Iron website, defending his boss’ salary (see “MacArthur’s Salary” below).

Johnson also argued that “(MacArthur’s) lifestyle, not his income, is what biblically-minded people should look at if they want to evaluate his character.”

He added that MacArthur “has lived in the same house for the past 35+ years” and owns only one car.

“(N)o one who actually sees how John lives has ever accused him of self-indulgence or even thought in their wildest dreams to describe him as a lover of money,” Johnson stated.

While it is true that MacArthur has lived in his home in Santa Clarita, California, since the 1980s, the property is worth 1.5 million, which is more than twice the median value of homes in the area.

The five-bedroom, four-bath house sits on more than two acres and includes a tennis court and a swimming pool. The home also is not John MacArthur’s only residence. 

John MacArthur House
John MacArthur’s $1.5 million Santa Clarita home

Since 1996, MacArthur has also owned a $700,000 villa about an hour west of Santa Clarita, according to a document The Roys Report obtained from the Ventura County Tax Assessor’s office. 

The three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home is located next to a world class private club with a championship golf course, tennis courts, pool, and fine dining. The home also is just 11 miles from the beach. 

John MacArthur Golf Villa
Golf Villas entrance where John MacArthur owns a second home in California

MacArthur’s third and largest home—a seven-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom ranch on five acres in Colorado Springs—was built in 2007, according to El Paso County records.  

The property was given to Circle M Ranch—a limited liability limited partnership (LLLP) owned by John and Patricia MacArthur—by David Wismer Sr.  

Wismer is a longtime member of TMUS’ Board of Directors and has also served as TMUS Board secretary.  

I spoke with Wismer and he told me that in 2007, MacArthur approached him, expressing that he wanted to build a home in Colorado Springs. Wismer said he owns a 2,600-acre ranch in Colorado Springs and was happy to give five acres to MacArthur as a gift. 

Wismer said MacArthur then built a home (valued around $800,000) on the Colorado property using his own funds. 

MacArthur’s Salary  

From 2005—2015, MacArthur made about $3.4 million in compensation from GTY and TMUS, for an average of about $320,000/year.

On top of that, MacArthur also took a salary from Grace Community Church that was “well within the upper-medium range” for California church employees, according to Johnson’s 2014 statement.

This puts MacArthur’s annual combined salary at an estimated half-million dollars most years. And in 2012, when he was paid an especially high salary and benefits from GTY, MacArthur’s salary likely pushed three-quarters of a million dollars.

In Johnson’s 2014 statement, he explained that MacArthur’s “salary and benefits” topped $400,000 in the fiscal year ending in 2012 because the GTY Board gave MacArthur a “rare 1st-edition KJB” that year. The Bible, Johnson said, was a “one-time gift capping 40 years of faithful ministry.” 

In addition, Johnson stated that “Grace to You paid John MacArthur zero salary or benefits for the first 30+ years of our ministry’s existence.” 

However, this statement does not match the facts. 

According to a GTY 990 from 2002—the earliest 990 The Roys Report was able to obtain—MacArthur made $88,336 that year. This was just 16 years after GTY was founded, not 30.  

According ECFA, GTY was founded in 1986. (The GTY website says GTY became a nonprofit in the early 1980s.)

Phil Johnson
GTY Executive Director Phil Johnson

It’s possible that Johnson was dating GTY’s beginning to the first year MacArthur was pastor of Grace Community Church (1969). That’s when a volunteer reportedly began recording MacArthur’s messages and giving them to members of the congregation who were too ill to attend. But the ministry didn’t even have a name back then and likely didn’t require any extra hours of MacArthur. 

I reached out to Johnson to explain the apparent contradiction, but he did not respond.  

Also, in his 2014 statement, Johnson stated that sometime after 2000, the GTY board “made a deliberate decision to pay (MacArthur) a full salary rather than a diminished wage that was arbitrarily curtailed based on the fact that he has other income.” 

While it’s true that MacArthur received a huge increase in his GTY salary in 2003 (72%), MacArthur never worked full-time hours at GTY. MacArthur’s GTY hours varied each year from 10 to 30 hours per week, according to the organization’s own 990s. 

Yet the hours MacArthur claimed to work each year seem to bear little relation to the salary he received. For example, in 2007, MacArthur claimed to work 20 hours per week at GTY and received $174,191. In 2008, he reportedly worked 10 hours per week and received nearly as much—$177,083.

Similarly, MacArthur’s hours at TMUS varied from 10 hours to 40 hours per week from 2005—2015 and didn’t necessarily correspond to the amount he was paid.

MacArthur logged a tremendous number of hours for GTY and TMUS, especially considering that he also worked as pastor of GCC. In one year, 2012,  MacArthur reportedly worked a combined 60 hours a week at GTY and TMUS. This was in addition to the time he spent pastoring GCC, a church with an average attendance of more than 8,000 people.

Below is a chart compiled by The Roys Report, showing both the hours MacArthur claimed and the salaries he received for the years analyzed. 

(Though it is not documented below, Phil Johnson received between $160,000 and $238,927 per year between 2005—2015 for his role at GTY. He also received a no-interest loan of $50,000 from the ministry for the purchase of a home, which was fully forgiven over a five-year period.)

John MacArthur SalaryA Family Affair

On its website, the ECFA states, “When a ministry encounters failure—or even worse, scandal—its difficulties can almost always be traced to a breakdown in governance.”

A key characteristic of good governance, according to the ECFA, is maintaining “the reality, not just the appearance of independent board governance.” The ECFA considers board members to be independent if they are not related by blood or employees of the organization. 

For decades, though, two of MacArthur’s sons have served on GTY’s board along with their father. Phil Johnson, a key GTY employee, has also served on the board for many years.

Since 2002, the GTY board has ranged in size from eight to 12 members. So at times, as many as half of the board was either a MacArthur or an employee under John MacArthur.

One of MacArthur’s sons, Matthew MacArthur, remains on the board and has been listed on every 990 since 2002 as the treasurer of GTY. 

MacArthur’s other son, Mark MacArthur, is also listed on every 990 since 2002 as a GTY board member.  

In February 2020, Mark MacArthur was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with defrauding clients in a $16 million investment scheme.  As late as August 2020, Mark MacArthur was still listed on GTY’s website as a board member. Mark MacArthur is not listed as a board member today.  

In his 2014 statement, Johnson stated that board members “with blood relationships or employment connections to John MacArthur recuse themselves from salary decisions.” 

However, it’s not just John MacArthur who is potentially benefitting from his sons’ and Johnson’s presence on the board. GTY has also paid MacArthur’s son-in-law, Kory Welch, and companies Welch owns, millions over the years, as has TMUS.

Millions to Kory Welch

In 2008, Welch was an employee of GTY, making $83,677 as director of television broadcasting. Welch, who’s married to MacArthur’s daughter, Melinda Welch, also was enjoying a $20,000 no-interest home loan with total debt forgiveness from GTY.

In 2008, there were no other contractors providing video production services for GTY, according to the organization’s 990s.

Kory Welch
John MacArthur’s son-in-law, Kory Welch

The next year, however, Welch began working for GTY as a video production contractor through a company Welch had formed two years earlier, called The Welch Group. In 2009, GTY paid The Welch Group $741,000 for “post-production services”—nearly 10 times what GTY had paid Welch the year before.

Since then, GTY has paid either The Welch Group or Dorma Productions (another small company Welch owns) between $659,000—$790,000 per year for a combined $8.3 million between 2009—2019.  

Another company owned by Welch, called WeKreative, has also received more than $1 million in contract work from TMUS. From 2016 through 2019, TMUS paid WeKreative nearly $1.1 million for “marketing, public relations, and video production services,” according to TMUS audit reports and 990s. 

During this time (in 2018 and 2019), TMUS also employed Welch as its COO, and for a time as its chief marketing officer, for which Welch received more than $138,000 in salary and benefits.

TMUS did not respond to requests for comment about Welch’s contract work or the potential conflict of interest concerning his positions at TMUS. 

In addition to these jobs and positions, Welch is the CEO of The John MacArthur Charitable Trust (formerly The Master’s Grace Fund). This is a California nonprofit created “to support various ministries of John MacArthur, according to GTY’s 2019 financial statement.”

The sole member of The John MacArthur Charitable Trust is GTY and GTY elects a majority of the trust’s board. The trust does not file 990s, so it is not known if it pays Welch a salary for his services.  

Money & Ministry

“You show me a person who preaches the money gospel, the money message, the wealth message—I’ll show you a person who has been corrupted by the love of money.”

So said John MacArthur in a 1987 sermon.

MacArthur added that he “never ever wanted to be in a position to look at ministry with a price tag.” That’s why, MacArthur said, he never asks for money when he preaches at other churches. “That is just too overwhelming a problem for my flesh to deal with.”

Yet clearly, MacArthur takes plenty of money from his own ministries. And though MacArthur may have never preached the prosperity gospel—a gospel that promises health and wealth—his income and portfolio looks an awful lot like those who do. 

MacArthur may be America’s anti-prosperity gospel preacher, but his life, and the life of his family members, appears to be quite prosperous—and he seemingly has his ministries to thank.

*UPDATE: The original version of this story did not report that GCC had resigned from ECFA. Also, the aerial picture of MacArthur’s Colorado home has been changed. The original photo was of a nearby property, but not MacArthur’s.



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473 thoughts on “The Prosperous Lifestyle of America’s Anti-Prosperity Gospel Preacher”

  1. John MacArthur’s net worth is a complete irrelevancy to me, though I’m not surprised that his bank account is bigger than mine. What bothers me is this: His gospel presentation is one of lordship salvation, that one is not saved who has not surrendered himself completely to any and all discipleship demands. He makes little or no room in his mind for the disappointing Christian, asserting that the concept of the carnal Christian is a myth. On this point he and I disagree, I hold that salvation is a free gift received on the sole condition of faith and discipleship comes later, after growth, after time. In Mac’s book, The Gospel according to the Apostles, on page 170, defending the calvinistic false doctrine of perseverance, he brings up Luke 14:33, which in his version says, “So therefore, no one of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.” On the next page he cites this verse, and others in the same chapter as “impossible in human term.” Impossible indeed. Peter, a hero in Acts 15, deals with the “impossible” gospel message in verse 10 of Acts 15. Mac’s hypocrisy lies herein in that he demands others live up to what he has not even if his wealth is a percent of that reported above.

    1. Bill, after reading your post, it was obvious that you, along with others who believe in carnal Christians, love your sins. Might I recommend you read the Doctrine of Sanctification, by A W Pink, c.1937? You obviously don’t need a treatise on the doctrines of grace but simply a glimpse at your depravity and love for the flesh.

      1. No thanks, I’ll take a pass on the Arthur Pink book. When I hear Pink I see red and here’s the reason: As bad as I am, (asserted as obvious that I love my sins by the mind reader who, not knowing the first thing about me, can discern what’s in my heart) it’s yet my wish that *all* people be saved. Pink’s caricature of god saves some through sovereignty while not being at all interested in the salvation of others, rendering said caricature less compassionate than I am. The God of the Bible, “who will have all to be saved,” is infinitely superior to Pink’s caricature. But let me give you a virtual pat on the back for being part right: A part of me does love sin. My old nature resides in me and will continue to reside in me for the rest of my earthly pilgrimage (hint: Welcome to the club, fellow mortal.) “It is not I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.”

      2. No one needs a Commentary; the Word of God is the ONLY light unto my path, and I will listen to HIM when He says “Love not the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” Amen, and Lord, come soon! How we need you! False teachers abound!!!

      3. Thank you for the recommended book by Arthur Pink. I do have some of his works, but not that one. I would like to recommend you read I and II Corinthians again, dear brother. The Apostle Paul, by Holy Spirit inspiration, identified some Christians as “carnal.” To be a carnal Christian does not make one a deviant pervert. We are carnal anytime we do anything that is led of the flesh and the mind, rather than of the Holy Spirit, are we not. I think we are dealing with semantics here – and I certainly hope so. Not one of us has arrived to perfection in our daily walk, yet we are constantly encouraged to (and even obligated to) strive for it. At the same time, the true believer (one who is born again), should not also continue in known sin. We are not to take advantage of our “freedom” through Jesus Christ, living in a kind of freedom that is forbidden by God. Let us remember that it will be according to the measure that we have judged that we will be judged. While we call one another to Christlikeness, let us do so with grace – lest some false religious piety blind us from looking completely to Him for salvation. For the sake of truth in love, Mark

  2. Is this a picture of his actual house, because I’ve heard that it isnt. Why be so misleading? Why not show us his actual property? Mabey because it wont look lavish enough? Also as a Christian the nasty and gossipy attitudes of those who flock to your articles because they dislike pastor MacArthur should really bother you and you shouldn’t allow it. It’s very unChristlike

    1. Interesting note Lisa. Even a small piece of property in California could be worth millions when bought many years ago for little. My parents bought their house in So. Cal for less than $25,000 in the early 1960’s, and almost sixty years later it sold in average to poor condition for almost 1/2 Million dollars. No idea where you live but you don’t have to be wealthy to own a house worth a good deal today if it were purchased many years ago. Being honest about these evaluations is important. We bought a one acre home a few years ago in Indiana and it is not listed by the country as worth about six times the purchase price. Be careful for what you accuse or suggest God’s people are guilty of as it may come back to haunt you.

      1. Doesn’t anyone find Phil Johnson’s reaction of mocking, belittling and derogatory tone towards Julie Roy’s Investigations disturbing?? I think a mature Christian should be able to hear out another Christians concerns without put downs in their response. It’s seems kinda of immature to me. I like John MacArthurs teaching but I’ve always found that him and his bunch have a lot of criticism towards other Christians a bit superior in attitude and never very self reflective. Aren’t mature Christians suppose to be humble and introspective??? Aren’t we suppose to be doing self examination in the areas we might be sinning? I don’t see much of that sober mindedness in MacArthurs camp. I find that disturbing.

          1. DENNIS J CAMPBELL

            Isn’t any saved person special? And as far as being chosen, Calivinists have this offensive habit of relying on the Bible.

  3. “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”
    Judging a man who has committed his entire life to spreading the word of God is NOT a good look. I live in SoCal and $1m is actually a very standard price, especially for the area that Macarthur lives in. Its honestly sad how much deceit was used in this article to bring down a man of God. As a women of faith, I will continue to stand by and support Macarthur and his ministries. I hope God gets through to your heart before you lose more trust and credibility.

    1. @Linda I think that is the whole point. John MacArthur has judged the prosperity folk for their financial profit and now he is being judged by the same standard by which he judged them.

  4. Ooops! Wrong link, sorry, feel free to remove, lol! Although this is an interesting discussion regarding a pastor arrested in Canada for preaching during lockdown.

  5. First let me say that first and foremost I am not a huge John MacArthur fan. I don’t mind his spiritual contribution to the church with some exceptions, but I also don’t revere the man as others do.
    That being said, i also don’t have issues with with anyone being rich or wealthy. I personally am not rich, don’t even have savings, enlisted in the military, and have bills to pay. Therefore, I don’t have a bias for those who have wealth.
    As for John MacArthur, so what if he has acquired wealth from his ministerial pursuits? As long as he has beaquired it through illegal, unethical, or immoral means…honestly who cares? Furthermore, his preaching does in fact attack the prosperity gospel preachers and their obvious errors, but that is a far cry from attacking wealth and prosperity in general. His messages are NOT money hungry or lucre driven in nature as those who promote financial gain as some sort of virtue.
    As much I as I really enjoy Julie Roy’s, I think she ought to focus on a more significant issue…John MacArthur’s approach to attacking ministries and ministers that don’t necessarily fit his brand of Christianity. That, I believe, has a much greater impact on the church as a whole.
    If he were to acquire his wealth by say telling his constituents that they will be especially blessed by giving into his ministry, then I would certainly take issue with that. But that is not the case here.
    However, I do agree and speculate that his son in law might be getting more than necessary, but I honestly don’t know for sure. If the line of work he’s in isn’t commensurate to the private (secular) sector, then I would say Julie Roys makes a valid point. But if not then I don’t think this article a fair assessment, and she just comes across as someone who has a grudge against anyone in ministry with money. I’m not saying that is the case, but it is an observation.

  6. As a JM supporter for over 30 years i have been passionate about his teaching and have learned much from him over the years. The wealth of a man that has been a pastor and written so many books does not phase me and in fact i believe is well deserved. The bigger issue here is the lack of transparency when it comes to the transactions of millions of dollars, the loading up of various boards by family members and the little to no influence by decision makers that are devoid of a conflict of interest is a huge issue. Very disappointing for JM who has for years preached about the importance of transparency and the avoidance of even the “appearance of evil”. Well written and researched and thank you for clarity about this.

    1. As a fellow listener & supporter of JM , knowing what he teaches and how he thinks, do you really think he allows dishonest or shady stuff – like this article has accused – go on in his church? How do we know that this article is even the truth and “well researched”?

  7. I have been a supporter for John and Grace to you since 1988. Assuming John has acquired his possessions legitimately, I have no problem with that. Anyone that has followed his ministry any length of time knows his commitment to Biblical Exposition. I am wondering why bring up his reported hours worked against the salary earned? That seems to be grasping at straws in my opinion. I do agree with the fact the ministry should be transparent regarding its financials. If you are above board, then you have nothing to hide right? Regarding board members and family – is it simply nepotism or working with people you know and trust? It is really simple at the end of the day, if you do not like John or Grace Ministry do not support him or it. If it is discovered that he is a fraud, his sin will find him out like the teachers he has and continues to expose (Num 32:23).

    1. Have you researched his blasphemous teaching regarding the blood of Christ? Would you fellowship with wicked Mary Baker Eddy with whom he actually agrees? And his teaching that we can take the mark and still be saved? I broke fellowship with GTY after I became aware of these teachings.

  8. if JM works for GCC, wrote the 100+ books while employed with GCC then why are the book royalties going to him instead of the church ?

  9. Marilyn Vandekieft

    My problem with this news is; why doesn’t he share the wealth with some very needy organizations and ministries? This is not mentioned anywhere. It’s obvious that, sadly, he is using much money for his own benefit, and perhaps he does donate much to needy organizations….but I’m sure he could give even much more and live a less opulent life style—or what appears to be so. As someone said above, California’s homes are overly expensive and have greatly increased in value….but I’m sure he could help support many. more missionaries and struggling ministries rather than spend so much for himself. I would like to see a list of what and who he supports. How many water systems in Africa has he funded? How many homes and churches has he funded in needy areas of the world?

    1. Fully agree, you will find that the church does nothing or just pays lip service to helping the poor, needy, orphans, widows. GCC will not even publish their budget of giving and will not lift a finger to help families struggling with hunger, verge of losing their homes. Why do you think JM is against the Social Justice Movement ? He is against the Black Lives Movement because…you fill the blank.

      1. Anne Ford Rector

        I attended an Expositors’ Conference at Southern Baptist Seminary when MacArthur spoke there. He delivered a message that is now on YouTube and likely other sites, on the parable of the Good Shepherd. He stated unequivocally that the common interpretation–of one man providing basic needs to another–is socialism, and is the wrong exegesis. That really upset me, and Mac is dead wrong. He has also publicly stated that “homelessness” is a misnomer, that anyone who is homeless has chosen to be that way. This from a man who has never wanted for anything in his entire life.

  10. Wow! Lots of “ink” spilled on this one. Trying to cut through it all, I believe the issue is that John MacArthur has hit out at the health and wealth people (who do have bad theology) but have done very well financially from their religious “work” and yet he has done very well financially from his religious “work”. I don’t see the point of arguing how many houses or cars or whatever as being the focus. The point is maybe need to quit throwing stones at those at those who have profited from their religious “work” (though revealing false doctrine is certainly legitimate) because John MacArthur has profited quite well from his religious “work.” That does appear to be hypocritical. As far as John MacArthur’s influence for the Kingdom of God, we will leave to the Lord, the Righteous Judge to determine. Again, main issue is attacking others for their large financial remuneration from their religious “work” when he has done very well from his religious “work.” That’s it.

  11. Thoughts on John MacArthur

    Michael (Feb 20, 2021 12:20pm) hit the mark imo. I’m not a fan of JM, his teachings, his frequent use of the word “they” when he says “they” then a negative statement about “they” without giving much information about who “they” is/are, his followers are way too loyal to him personally and whatever he says it’s taken as fact, his assertion that he is so Biblical when he often lets powerful verses slip by and doesn’t let them stand i.e. his teachings on the actual verses about baptism where he forces his views over what the actual texts says, his silly adherence to dispensationalism, his actual branding of his name on everything; the McDonalds Bible, Commentaries, even a CD of him and Joni Erickson singing hymns together that he unashamedly bragged much about. If something has his name on it that thing becomes anointed and sanctified. Also, those conferences with guys like Piper when they sit together, and they hang on their own words and their audiences eat this kind of nonsense up and they know it and it clearly feeds their already oversized egos. JM does so many conferences that really do not help people rather they just affirm his power grip even in his old age. JM is not a confessional Christian he makes up his own theology and takes parts of other systems and belief and has assembled his own thing and he calls that Biblical. JM goes to conferences with Reformed (Calvinist) leaders to talk about election and he asserts himself as a leader in this area of theology, then he will do a conference with Calvary Chapel and other dispensationalists talking about Israel and their End Times speculation. He jumps from one group to another at these conferences and it’s their edge i.e., dispensationalism’s Israel, Mark of the Beast, Tribulation etc. views and the Reformed ‘s edge with the limited atonement lens in regards to election. When he is a leader within these conferences it appears to be an endorsement of these difference groups and it causes confusion for the sheep of these organizations. This is a problem with Rockstar pastors who are not confessional and claim to be Biblicists. Rockstar pastors have egos and opinions too large to submit to any historic confession. This is very unfortunate for their sheep because when their shepherd is done (retires, dies, is removed, shamed or any number of reasons) the flock does not have a rooted and established faith. Rather their faith is dependant on the convictions and opinions of their Rockstar pastor, and this is not healthy in so many ways. JM also uses cheap psychology tricks on his followers by occasionally saying some slightly self-deprecating and “humble” things. His sheep eat this up and laugh and think, “wow JM is really a good and humble man”.
    Back to Michael’s comment, the issue with the lack of transparency, withdrawal from the ECFA (not gty though) and the family board membership and involvement is troubling. Michael is a long-time follower/admirer of JM and I respect his clear trouble with this situation. I also agree with him that the money is not really the issue. The value of someone’s house is a ridiculous thing to use as an issue about integrity. Especially since his owned it for some 40 year, yes massive appreciation will occur. JW has worked hard for many years and he has earned his $’s. Power, lack of transparency, family entanglements and the perception of covering up and using a bulldog like Phil Johnson (who reminds me of Steve Bannon) is truly troubling and John MacArthur needs to repent, open up personally about his boards and correct these problems. I would suggest getting rid of Mr. Johnson. I just listened to his video response and it is really sleezy, fully of passive aggressive statements and bullying. I found it to be much more like a left wing attack dog than anything from a Christian ministry JM needs to distance himself of people like this. Really troubling ☹
    Btw don’t get all caught up into JM giving his tapes/cd’s/mp3’s away for free or cheap. That gets his brand and message out and it benefits him greatly. You will hear people who know him defend him and say things about how faithful, giving, humble, and amazing his is etc. That is normal for his people to do that and I do not fault him or them for that because that is human nature, to protect you own. But this is more stuff that elevates the man, and it does not help the gospel.

  12. Shame on you Julie Roys!! You are showing yourself to be a bitter and twisted, jealous and malicious woman obsessed with maligning a man of God. What does it matter how much Dr Macarthur’s house is worth? He is a man of God who faithfully teaches the Word of God. He has given his whole life to the Lord and in turn cops the bitterness of people like you. This article is more of a reflection on you rather than Dr Macarthur.

    1. And your comment, full of name-calling and assumption of motive, and zero concern for the numerous red flags highlighted in this article, is a reflection on you.

  13. Patrick Lacaire

    Folks, I think that sister Julie’s main point is the hypocrisy of preaching against prosperity while being rather wealthy by any standards! Julie is not opposed to being wealthy. Watch her videos and see a more complete picture of her. I am a pretty committed ungrumpy Calvinist and I have no issue with her reports!

  14. The name calling, hurling of insults, malice carefully disguised as godly reproof, bullying of Julie for these reports by defenders of John reveals and reflects their heart and soul… idolatry. Thats how john treats people in church who have disagreements with him. the apple doesn’t fall far the tree.

  15. What is the point of this article? John is one of the top Biblical scholars in America.He has written a large number of books about the Bible and Christian Living. If John worked in the Corporate World. his salary would be 20 yo 50 times higher than what he makes as a Pastor.The author of this article should be ashamed.

    1. We have a fundamental disagreement then. I believe anyone, or any organization that takes donor funds should be transparent and accountable to their donors. This doesn’t just mean preaching a biblically orthodox message, but also managing funds in a manner that’s above reproach. I do not apologize for that view. And I think the mentality you just expressed is precisely why we have so many scandals in the church today. Preachers feel entitled to take whatever they want from their ministries because we allow them to.

      1. You are absolutely right, Julie. I am reminded of the Apostle Paul who made tents in order to keep from even the appearance of making his living off of the Church. These men have a long way to go in their understanding. You go, girl!

    2. Lowell, you insult real Bible scholars when you say “John is one of the top Biblical scholars.” John MacArthur has sold a lot of books under the MacArthur brand through lucrative publishing contracts. And, he has much success in radio and broadcasting like his father. This does not make him a Bible scholar. You need more than a couple of degrees from Bible college to claim “top Bible scholar” status. He is a great marketer, no doubt. So was Ravi Zacharias. But Ravi was no scholar. He, too, was in the marketing and propaganda business, and was very skilled at persuasive speech. There are academic standards that top Bible scholars must earn in order to be recognized as such. These standards do not exist in Christian media and publishing.

  16. The royalties from the large number of books he was written should have gone to the church and not him personally simply because he is employed full time by the church. For myself, if he wants to make that kind of money which he is “entitled” to then all he has to do is to just admit it to everyone that he is in it solely for the money and not hide behind the word ministry. case closed.

  17. Ministry is about giving away the gospel, serving and making the gospel message FREE. One cannot be in ministry and enrich oneself from it at the same time. There is no attack on the gospel, on the preaching of the gospel and no attack on religious freedom. This is the beauty of this country. It allows us to call public figures into account most specifically for consistency between what they say and what they do. This is what Julie is simply doing by revealing the inconsistencies not just of John but others as well. Instead of answering the questions, John deflects the issue by claiming religious persecution which is a big fat lie. Phil will result to doxing, Defenders insults and vilify Julie. Neither John, Phil and their followers are not interested in the truth. The truth for them is what they say the truth is. I love John’s book on Integrity and have tried to live by what I learned from that book: Integrity is what you do when no one is watching. So you can see how much saddened I am from what has been revealed. What is John, Phil doing with church funds when no one is watching.

  18. William Bourne

    Whether by choice or happenstance, MacArthur reached celebrity status decades ago with all of the pluses and minuses that entails. Seeing no glaring red flags in his past, it comes down mostly to a matter of my opinion of him. Mac has not restrained himself in his opinions of others such as “Narcissist” DJ Trump; something of a stretch considering his free service to country during 4 years of MSM and other persecutions. Perhaps he could take a lesson in “optics” from 45 and be more conscious of how his lifestyle appears to others and try harder to avoid evil (including the very appearance of it).

    1. Excellent response concerning POTUS Trump, who actually mirrored what a Christian minister should be doing, by returning his salary and/or benefits to those whom he served. I don’t see anyone in evangelical circles living a moderate lifestyle.

      1. Michael G Marriam

        MacArthur’s doctrinal shakiness aside for now, relevant biblical questions concerning his finances would be does he tithe his first fruits, does he support Gospel missions and church building, and does he give sacrificially? In fact I’d like to know if all those scrutinizing his finances so closely do so as well.

  19. Jesus kept his hands nailed to the cross to save us, unfortunately those who presume to speak for him can’t get their hands off the money into their pockets.

  20. According to the BLS, the median income in the US in 2020 for Religious Directors/Educators is approx $53,000, Clergy median income is approx $56,000. It must be hard for those pastors who work just as hard as MacArthur and are working truly for God and His Glory, to see the wealth that MacArthur lives on. It would be hard to not to become bitter and question MacArthur’s veracity and his lifestyle, especially if they are below the median income level.

    Working hard and being appropriately and adequately compensated is how Christian values are supposed to work. Paul says that those who Shepard well should be doubly compensated for their work (1 Tim 5:17). Not everyone is called to pastor or Shepard God’s people, but when they are, as in the case of MacArthur who reaches millions of people, his compensation should reflect his intensive hermeneutical, historical, and linguistic work to bring understanding of God’s holy scriptures (the quality of his working hours is what is important). GTY and we the body of Christ should hold him and any pastor accountable for the stewardship of their resources. I have every confidence that MacArthur, being a man of God, is very cognizant of 1 Timothy 3, 1 Timothy 5:17-21, Titus 1:7-9, and all those other passages that are talking to any Overseer; but the love of money is a real temptation for anyone even when it is not within reach, but even more so when wealth is within reach. If MacArthur is truly misusing the money he is given, he is accountable to God and as the Church we need to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct his path. If he is following the Holy Spirit’s guidance and being truthful with his money and using it to serve God and give God ALL the Glory, then we need to be silent and leave it alone.

    Speculation and scoffing do not lead to wisdom or edification of the Church.

  21. If JM’s lavish lifestyle and unexplainable wealth is truly due him and not to the church, IF it is honest, apolitical, known and acceptable to donors then why the complex web of organizations to channel funds, why the secrecy and deceit from its own members, why the arrogance and hubris when replying to inquiries, why the refusal to give clarity and be above reproach and not cause believers to stumble ? His response and reaction says it all. The elders are just a rubber stamp. The church is just a means to an end. No different from a cult or prosperity gospel preacher.

    I grew up spending my Sunday afternoons at our pastor’s house with his family together with other church members talking about the sermon he gave and enjoying christian fellowship until vesper service. When I used to attend Grace church, I remember asking people where John lives, and most of them doesn’t even know nor have ever been there. That struck me as odd that no one could tell me. It should have set off an alarm.

  22. Kevin Seager

    Phil Johnson’s closing prayer in a message delivered September 2020; “Father, purify your church…starting with us”
    Is it possible the Lord is answering Phil’s prayer in some way ?
    I Peter 4:17 “For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God”

  23. Paul washers ministry supports hundreds of missionaries world wide. His budget for film and video is 60,000 a year. McArthur son in law makes ten times that for filming a church and seminary. That is fleecing the church members to provide a rich lifestyle for his daughter. No one questions John though.

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