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John MacArthur Claims Current Criticism is Persecution for Preaching the Gospel

By Julie Roys
John MacArthur
Pastor John MacArthur preaches at Grace Community Church in March 2021. (Source: Video screengrab)

John MacArthur recently claimed that the heat he’s facing for his expensive lifestyle, millions in contracts to his son-in-law, alleged embellishing of stories, and handling of COVID is persecution for preaching the gospel.

In a sermon entitled, “The Benefits of Suffering for Christ,” MacArthur complains that people are “doing everything (they) can on the internet” to “silence me” and to convince people that he’s “just another spiritual fraud.”

MacArthur has not directly addressed any of the issues against him that have been raised.

Instead, he suggested that he’s become a target because he’s “out there, proclaiming the truth.” He also suggested that those publishing information harmful to his reputation “hate the gospel.”

He states:

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Nobody’s trying to take my life that I know of. One time, one person did on Easter Sunday morning in the office. While they’re doing everything they can on the internet to take away my reputation, to silence me because they have convinced people that I am, like so many others, just another spiritual fraud. You sort of leave your life out there. That’s way it is. . . .

I mean, we got to be out there, proclaiming the truth, right? You can’t say, “Well, I’m afraid that might cost me my reputation if I’m bold about the gospel. And those who hate the gospel are going to try to destroy me. And there are a lot of ways they could do it without killing me, especially in this internet era.”

But you don’t really have a choice. The glory of God is shining in the face of Jesus Christ. And Christ lives in you and shines through you, as He puts himself on display in the evident virtues of your life.

However, according to image repair analyst, Dr. Julia Dahl, MacArthur is using image repair tactics that leaders commonly use when caught in a crisis.

Dr. Dahl says MacArthur’s statements are a “form of denial via deflection”—a way to insure that the charges against the “offender/person in crisis” are ignored and attention instead deflected to the group making the charges.

“It is a way of saying, ‘The charges are not what matters. What matters is that these people are evil and trying to destroy me.’ Bill Hybels did this. James MacDonald did this. Yes, MacArthur is behaving like other frauds.”

Dahl added that MacArthur, by crafting a narrative that evil people are attacking him, is employing another common tactic: triangulation.

“He is at the pinnacle of the triangle and those close to him are on the side of good (by association)—and those against him ore on the side of evil. Narcissists get attention by pitting people against one another and soaking in the tension/conflict.”

She adds, “Let’s remember that what is being questioned is the virtue in John MacArthur’s life. By the end of the brief statement, he’s completely deflected the very tangible concerns about financial malfeasance, nepotism, abuse of authority, and positioned himself as the champion of the gospel full of virtue.”

As Dr. Dahl notes, Bill Hybels, when accused of sexually abusing women at Willow Creek, labeled the women liars and the accusations a “calculated and continual attack.”

Similarly, in response to my initial exposé on James MacDonald, Harvest Bible Chapel called the piece an “attack that comes with God’s kingdom moving forward.”

Dr. Wade Mullen, author of Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse and Freeing Yourself From its Power, stated at the time that Harvest’s response was an example of spiritual abuse.

“Not only do the whistleblowers lack credibility, good motives, or support from others,” he wrote, “but they are apparently working as agents against God’s kingdom. They are not just made out to be the enemies of the church. They are cast as the very enemies of God.”

MacArthur’s recent comments have proven very successful with his audience. A YouTube channel called, Exposit the Word, posted video of MacArthur’s statement. It received more than 134,000 views and nearly 1,600 comments, largely supportive of MacArthur.

Those commenting called MacArthur “amazing,” “pillar of Christianity,” “most honest preacher that exists,” “proven God fearing pastor,” and “GREAT MAN OF GOD.”

They called those reporting MacArthur’s misdeeds are called “snakes,” “demons,” “anti-Christs,” “EVIL,” and “ravaging wolves.”

MacArthur’s close confidant and executive director of Grace to You, Phil Johnson, has also labeled those who have published pieces critical of MacArthur “rancor monsters,” “gossipmongerers,” and “busybodies.” Johnson also doxed me by including my home address on a document he published online.



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137 Responses

  1. I am a South African and a keen observer of the life in the USA church. From this distance it seems as if it is imploding. 2 main issues gain my attention; involvement in politics (the kingdom of this world) and what may best be described as hate speech in the public forum.

    At the outset, my country is one of the most corrupt in the world. It is troubling in the extreme, but vilification will never be the road to a solution. Patience, trust, faith and prayer are the tools by which we must approach God for His mercy and grace

    Why do pastors become so entrenched in party politics? Neither of your main parties seem to be in any way ‘Christian’ in the Biblical sense. And that is true of any and every country. Yes, most of Western culture is premised upon the Judeo-Christian ethic; and even gentile legal systems have much of that ethic in their systems. But then one cannot escape the absolute within the Decalogue — it pretty mucg sums up ‘good’ behaviour, certainly morailty. Secondly, what i really find onerous is the language that sprouts from the mouths (and keyboard fingers) of people who claim to be Christian on both sides of the divide.

    Probably one of the greatest curses of technology is social media; it has its positives, but as time progresses it seems that it is one of the roots of the declension of the civil-isation that has been built over millennia. The vitriol and falsehood that spits across the digital ocean is terrifying. The non-Christian world looks on a must come to the conclusion that Christians must be the most hateful population group on the planet.

    Why is that so many people of the pulpit (and consequently their congregations) seem to gain enormous pleasure over dissing what they perceive to be the enemy? Surley Biblical history is replete with the way God in His own time judges through the offices of pagan rulers? Think Pharaoh and Nebuchdnezzar. And when a Biden or a Trump (take your pick) appears, God’s sovereignty is cast aside and suddenly there appears a vision from the pulpit as to who the right candidate is. And ‘WE’ will set the right box for you to tick. Your Republican ex-President played right into the hands of the Biden camp. And the USA is going to feel that for a long time to come. From a foreign perspective, how on earth was a man without any politicasl acumane allowed into the White House? Again we must rely on the sovereignty of God — there is always a Grand Plan with purpose.

    And then we approach the beachheads of the Christian battleground, where so many fall under friendly fire. As representatives of the Lord is it now our solemn duty to exercise discipline within the walls of the church? Or has the church so adopted the habits of Satan’s kingdom that we fight our battles in the open, with little or no thought for the consequences. Christ’s name is dragged through the dirt by increasing, ungodly revelations of so many men of the cloth. But the gutter is deepened by the way these things are dealt with.

    Jesus set the tone for us as His followers. And i can detect little or nothing of the greatest sermon in Matthew 5:1-16. On the contrary it seems to be vitriol and invective, undiluted. 1 Pet 2:11-17 also cmoes to mind.

    That said, are our leaders to escape the church’s discipline? May it never be so. And may every church be diligent in applying the measuring of Biblical leadership character. Mark 10:45; 1 Tim 3:1-13; Tit 1:5-16.

    I need some help here. Can anyone in this blog community lead me to Scripture that commands the washing of our unclean garments in the public forum?

    And that does not carry the intention of unaccountability in the open theatre of life. But let that process be conducted with some decorum. Disciline with love and gentleness. May we never display hatred towards anyone, enemy or not.

    1. INCREDIBLY insightful and wise. Only thing that matters, folks, is relationships and how we treat each other. How the western church, particularly evangelical flavors, got to this point out of *1. Love God 2. Love your neighbor as yourself * is totally beyond me.

      We are so far off course. Lord have mercy on us, sinners. Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

      1. Can we really call the Lordship Salvation Camp “Christian” seeing how badly scriptures are twisted and rejection of the gospel.

    2. “That said, are our leaders to escape the church’s discipline?”

      REALLY JOHN? OUR leaders ????? NOT ANY OF MINE , why oh why oh why would they be yours ?
      Maybe you are talking about ALL of the HIRELINGS OUT THERE calling themselves PASTORS……. YIKES!

  2. “ I need some help here. Can anyone in this blog community lead me to Scripture that commands the washing of our unclean garments in the public forum?”

    I believe it is right after the Scripture that commanded you to air the United States dirty laundry in the public forum.

    “From a foreign perspective, how on earth was a man without any politicasl acumane allowed into the White House?”

    Romans 13:1
    Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

    “At the outset, my country is one of the most corrupt in the world. It is troubling in the extreme, but vilification will never be the road to a solution.”

    With all due respect if you can’t clean your own house why do you vilify ours and think that you have our solution?

  3. Jim bakker in the 80’s said he was being “persecuted for the Gospel” after his corruption was exposed. ravi zacharious said he was “being persecuted for the Gospel” as well. John macarthur has been shown to be a idolater and lover of money. to claim you can be a millionaire/multi millionaire with 3 homes and 3 part time jobs paying $800.000+ a year and NOT be an idolater/lover of money is like saying someones collection of 500 porn magazines is not proof one has a problem with lust!.. the church does not recognise love of money/idolatry as a sin at all but something to be desired and sought after. however the same apositle paul that said adulaterers and drunkards would not enter heaven is the same apositle paul that said the greedy and idolaters would not enter heaven. in addition the bible says a pastor must not be a lover of money. cant john macarthur lead a successful wonderful life on say $80,000 a year and ONE $250,000 home?? wouldnt his millions help feed the poor and help the homeless?? next, John macarthur preaches against the prosperity gospel but LIVES the prosperity gospel!.

    1. In So Cal to get a decent home would cost at least 600,000. That would be what we would call a middle-class home but not in a trendy neighborhood.

  4. “I need some help here. Can anyone in this blog community lead me to Scripture that commands the washing of our unclean garments in the public forum?”

    I am confused about 2 things. Why are you here if you find it offensive? With so much to say about this site it looks as if you are here often. Two, why are you washing the United States unclean garments in this public forum?

      1. Sorry for the confusion, my last two comments are questions directed to John Coombes in reply to his criticism of this website and its comments.
        But yes I do read the OT prophets, Isaiah in particular.

  5. John’s response to the issues raised concerns me more than anything else about this developing story. I’ve benefitted from this man’s work for over a decade and desire to hold him up as a man of God. Next to his comment about Beth Moore, this response is the most concerning. What strikes me as so incredibly sad is that John has ministered for decades under the slogan of “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time.” But like others before him (Hybels, MacDonald, ect.), he will not unleash the truth about his own life. Just answer the questions dude. Call Julie, answer the questions. Tell the truth and get on with your life. What the article points out is exactly what I picked up on when I listened to the clip: he’s painting Julie as a persecutor of Christians. He’s painting her as an enemy of the gospel, someone who’s goal it is to oppose the good news. Quite honestly, that’s slanderous, manipulative, and abusive. I understand how men and women of God sin, but I don’t get how they justify themselves in practicing slander, dishonestly, and abuse. It’s sad. It’s very hard to see supposed men of God act like such cowards.

    1. As shared before…… the TRUTH said “By their fruit you shall know them”

      Some fruit you can just glance at and see and perceive that it is rotten , other fruit may take YEARS to perceive that it is rotten ….. WHY ? BECAUSE IT IS ROTTING FROM THE INSIDE OUT but it sure “looked” and sounded good for a season of time, maybe even 40 to 50 years and then………. putrid , stinking , vile , disgusting , depraved , loathsome , repulsive , impure, wicked , corrupt and morally wrong fruit.

      Hey does anybody know if phil and abner could be considered fruit of hireling johnny’s ?
      Just asking……..
      What about different kinds of organizations with cool sounding “christian” names , could those be considered fruits?
      Just asking…….

      Everything from “GOD SAID” , “GOD TOLD ME TO…. ” , ” WE PRAYED ABOUT IT ” OR EVEN
      “gee it seemed like a good idea”……….. (just a little hint)

    2. You said it. My point exactly.
      “Answer the questions dude!”
      And the Beth Moore comment was in poor taste.

    3. JDR , you listened to “the clip” but have you bothered to listen to the whole message? The one before? The one after? That’s like taking one verse, out of context and trying to say it embodies the whole word of God. I’m not defending in your faith wealth of prosperity preachers, or anyone getting rich off the backs of poor people. But you can hardly compare the lifestyle of John MacArthur with the antics of say James McDonald, lavish mcMansions, trips,motorcycles, lifestyle. I watch Dr. MacArthur on livestream, I never hear him begging, or shaming anyone for money, promising them health and wealth…. and I believe that Julie is the one that’s gone off the rails, she has become drunk with power, and is seeking to keep her name out there as a type of giant killer. There are plenty of evil pastors out there for her to slay, I don’t see the Olsteens being challenged or defamed. Nothing about Beth Moore (was anybody surprised that she doesn’t consider herself SB anymore????, that was obvious for the last 5+years). Perhaps this hunger for fame and power that Julie & Beth both desire goes back to Eve’s curse, and why the LORD GOD, thought it best for women to NOT have leadership roles in the church.
      And for the record, I would have been irate if my church handed the Gov’t my prayer request! You have to be some kind of stupid to do that or think it’s ok. Prayer request are personal, shared with like minded brothers and sisters, why would you share them with heathen that don’t know or understand the things of God? As far as doxing, I believe Julie did that to John, so what’s the problem? She place a photo of his property for all to see, wasn’t hard to find when you had a photo to compare. It’s time for Julie and company to step off the power train.

      1. NANA,
        Where did the male hunger for power and fame begin? Since God thought it acceptable for men to have leadership roles in the Church are you saying their hunger for power and fame is acceptable to God?

        You wrote:
        .”…and I believe that Julie is the one that’s gone off the rails, she has become drunk with power, and is seeking to keep her name out there as a type of giant killer.”

        I suggest you take a good look in the mirror, your rant sounds a lot like envy.

        If you wrote any of these criticisms on one of the MacArthur apologists’ sites you would be called names, told to repent, told you couldn’t possibly be a Christian as well as being threatened with eternal damnation. Unlike Julie these apologists do not step in when comments get ugly and ask people to tone things down. The reason I say “on one of the MacArthur apologists’ sites” and don’t include MacArthur is because he doesn’t allow comments or criticism. Make of that what you will.

        If you would like some examples of truly nasty criticisms of Prophets and Preachers head to the MacArthur apologists’ YouTube channels, it doesn’t get much uglier than that.
        You can also hear one of the most famous of these guys do a mocking impersonation of
        the Holy Spirit.

  6. I like MacArthur’s doctrine (except I’m not a Baptist). I love the Gospel. I don’t love men of God enriching themselves off donations. I’m not against Christians being rich, but not when you present one face (anti-Prosperity) and live another there’s a huge problem.
    I’m glad MacArthur has been exposed as a man who sure likes stuff.

  7. I have a few thoughts on these articles about John MacArthur. I do not know the motives. The discussion cause me to pause. Not as one who judges or is a final authority. All of us are authors on this page. Authority and author have the same root. The trajectory is concerning.

    I understand the argument of newsworthy. Mrs. Roys said that her article(s) is completely professional, been vetted and has said that this is not personal. However, when questioned she said it is insulting, that regular journalist does not receive the same treatment.

    I did not agree with her. But I tested her statement. I called a lot of investigative reporters of major news companies. Finally I was able to communicate with a secular journalist. I asked if secular journalist get pushback on their investigative reports. She said, “Yes, especially with social media outlets.” I was trying to ascertain her political and theological beliefs. Well, She made it clear that she is not a fan of Tucker Carlson. I asked her about people going over to his house (as reported) and harassing his family. She knew the story and said that it was “unequivocally wrong”

    Along those lines another thing is that she said that people who agree with her take things too far. She was very gracious with her time. I asked her about an earlier article on the Roys Report and then the discussion part. It was clear that perception of an article determined reality. The discussion trajectory is concerning.

    What is deemed newsworthy has turned into slander, unbiblical judgement, attacks, name calling and getting hung up over titles. Julie should respond to the baseless attacks, not to defend her self or her journalistic perspective. But things that are baseless and petty. The discussion is quick to judgement and gives a venue for language that Paul warns against.

    The purity of the church is one of Julie’s motivations. I pray she cleans up the false narratives and deal with the bullying on this page the same way that she protects in sources (who are insiders that should have integrity to leave an organization that they think is wrong) Especially when there is disagreement. The sad truth is that the comments have eclipsed the articles.

    1. Yes KC!!!
      Thanks for doing that beadwork.
      Her work is about the “purity of the church”. Comments that take a life of their own, and (presumable) believers bullying other believers show we are not pure.

      I pray we have a clean up and purification of the comments section and Lord forgive me when I’ve acted in the flesh here. Amen.

    2. KC — what are you talking about? Who is bullying you? Where is the slander? You think the comments on TRR are too harsh? Is this your first time on the Internet?

  8. So, I am a fair and balanced person who is myself an ordained, Seminary trained Minister. I have been in Full-Time Ministry for 26 years and in Ministry altogether for nearly 40 years. While I highly respect John MacArthur’s scholarship, Biblically sound teaching, and theologically correct positions, I haven’t always agreed with him on every thing……of course, and nor did I expect to.

    He is the pure best Expositor of the Word in my lifetime and I’m nearly 62 years of age and have traveled the world over, and have heard many great Preachers, and NOBODY deals with the Biblical Text to the level that MacArthur’s does. If you have listened to him on Tape going back to his younger years, then you know what an absolutely amazing Preacher he was.

    As to his so-called wealth, let me just make an observation that perhaps many have NOT considered: if John MacArthur had gotten the proceeds for the millions of Books, Tapes, CD’s, and Digital downloads down through the many, many years of his Ministry, people would probably lose their minds of the amount of money he would have made, but as he has publicly stated, he has NOT received monies for all of those materials but have donated the vast majority of the proceeds back into the Ministry, and I have absolutely no reason to doubt that statement.

    His life and public reputation has stood the test down through the years, and yes I do believe that as with any sincere, God-fearing Man of God, the Devil is going to come hard after their reputation, but men like the late Billy Graham, Luis Palau, Adrian Rogers, R.C. Sproul, Sr., and John MacArthur were all able to and are able to maintain their reputation and integrity because God has honored them…..because they honored God with and through their lives and ministries. Again, in terms of his teachings, there were a few things that I didn’t necessarily see like MacArthur, but about 98% of what he teaches, I believe is solid and Biblically sound!

    I have never worshipped him, I know he, just as I am not, the Second Coming of Jesus, but do I think he has been and is a fraud or a con artist down through these years? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

    1. Wayne, what has the Roy Report published that criticizes the amount of money Mr. MacArthur receives? If it exists please quote it.

      The issue at hand is not how much the man donates, nor how much he makes, but a growing concern over the SECRECY surrounding Mr. MacArthur’s salaries, questions about why his son-in-law gets so much money from the ministry (nepotism), alleged cover up of a rape and harsh treatment of the victim who was a seminary student, lies about his past (football and MLK memories), unwillingness to cooperate with public health guidelines during a pandemic and increasingly harsh talk from Mr. MacArthur which may qualify as bullying and/or spiritual abuse. Mr. MacArthur has even said anyone who didn’t support/vote for a particular political candidate could not be considered a Christian. Harsh words of judgement for millions of people indeed, especially since the Kingdom of God is not about the earthly kingdoms of this world.

      As for what Mr. MacArthur’s teachings, doctrine and teaching gifts are not the highest priority in God’s Kingdom. Jesus condemned the actions of Pharisees who “taught correctly” yet lived wrongly, including the love of money and seats of honor. We are told to be on our guard against such leaven.

      1. Fisher; do you tell everybody how much you make? How much of your income do you donate? Do you have a late model car? How about motorcycles, boats, RV? Do you belong to a club,golf, tennis, social? Do you publish all this or want it published? I hope not, because it’s not anyone’s business! Dr. McArthur’s church sets his salary, that’s their business, if they feel that he earns his keep, then they would be the ones to know, right? I’ve never heard McArthur beg for people to send money to keep God from letting him die, or promise a blessing for sending money, like Oral Roberts has, heck I’ve never heard him ask at all. I’ve never heard him bully people like MacDonald openly did. And how does Julie know where he got the things that seem to stick in her craw? Has she considered that some people leave their pastor gift in their will? I have an aunt & uncle that left their pastor equal shares with their children. Is that a problem? Some people want to give back to the people they feel have enriched their lives or the consider family. You nor Julie know how people get what they get, and it none of your business! You want to judge him on that, then join Grace church become a follower of Christ. And Julie don’t sit in Chicago and judge the universe!

      2. FISHER:
        This is Juie Roys Twitter on March 8, 2021. If this is not Julie criticizing John MacArthur about money and what she calls “his lavish lifestyle”, then what is it about?

        “Julie Roys
        Mar 8
        @johnmacarthur is NOT being persecuted because he’s “bold about the gospel.” He is being confronted for taking 3 salaries, owning 3 homes, putting two sons on @gracetoyou’s board for decades & giving millions to son-in-law in contracts.”

    2. “He is the pure best Expositor of the Word in my lifetime and I’m nearly 62 years of age and have traveled the world over, and have heard many great Preachers, and NOBODY deals with the Biblical Text to the level that MacArthur’s does”

      So you are a cessationist. As John MacArthur is. I and many other gospel believers do not agree with cessationism. For that view John MacArthur has missed a big part of God’s gospel.

      btw his sermons on the heresy of the Catholic Church are the most excellent I have ever heard.

    3. Wayne, how can you donate money that isn’t yours? As discussed here elsewhere, money made from sermons, etc…, belongs to the church, and not Macarthur.

  9. Can one gain from rephrasing, rehashing timeless truths echoed by calvinists, puritans, christian forefathers and heroes many of whom were martyred for their writings and of course ultimately from the teachings of Jesus and Paul ? None if I might add charged royalties and felt entitled to live opulently, claim exorbitant salaries from their churches and justify it as just wage. Wealth is spelled very differently from wage. Can one gain materially from ideas that aren’t originally theirs, for a gospel message that they had no part in creating. They own nothing except the ink and paper of what they are selling and yet felt entitled to make millions from someone else’s sacrifice. If they are doing it for the sake of the gospel, for Christ’s sake, for the Church as most pastors would claim, wouldn’t these claims be best demonstrated by channeling the royalties to Christ’s church, in helping the poor and needy, orphans and widows, homeless and sick, to further the work of ministry instead of building three to date mansions. Its intriguing not to think that a pastor is just using the church as a platform for personal gain when his sons sits on the board and his son-in-law gains from dubious contracts. For a church that teaches plurality of elders, they obviously don’t have a plurality of godly men to create a culture of accountability, transparency and integrity. If the church and its leaders would allow it then it is their own folly, failure and fate. It is theirs and theirs alone. After all, one man’s lost is another man’s gain. The world as they call non-members who I might also add is not against religious freedom, and the preaching of the gospel do have a right to bring their hypocrisy to light, a responsibility to warn others not to fall victim to this elaborate deception carefully shrouded under the term christian ministry.

    Julie is just asking was it done for Christ or was it done for self. truth matters.

    1. James,
      John MacArthur faithfully preaches Christ crucified and Christ Resurrected every week for over 50 years. Hundreds of thousands have come to salvation in Jesus Christ because Almighty GOD chose and annointed John MacArthur to preach His Son to all people.

      Now please prove to me that YOUR pastor is doing it for Christ as you say, and not for himself by telling us how many people come to salvation through Jesus Christ at your church every week.

      And while you’re at it, how many people have come to Christ because of you?

  10. For those who use the vernacular with words like “obviously” and “following health guidelines” and “nepotism” be aware. Second, they take a text to prove their point, and it is mostly out of context. It is just some retouched photo.

    Using the logic of nepotism as a sin… Someone needs to call out some of these biblical authors. James? A privilege of nepotism to the power of ten. David and Solomon are screwed as well. Either rip those pages out of the Bible or your argument of nepotism falls flat. People practice nepotism in everyday life. Workplace jobs, educational opportunities. Oh, Political Leaders…Presidents. There are a series of famous pastors sons replace their fathers as the pastor. All Nepotism. It is duplicity defined in everyday life. You can not chose to apply it for different reasons. Consistency, what’s that? Objectivity a postmodern no-no.

    2nd, it is sad that most people on this page take a snapshot of a biblical passage to validate their point. Read some of these texts that are listed. Then, consider the context. People are lacking a biblical understanding of using the text in its original context. Help me out? Is that using the Bible in a sinful way?

    This is all about the “Purity of the Church”as well as “Newsworthy”. Those were Julie Roys’ motivations. Try this take the log out of your own eye, before we all become Prosecutors, Judges and the Jury. Nothing is obvious or clearly as stated. Clue-fest all have corruption… SIN. The issue here is we are giving motives behind a lack of information. It is sad. Purity and Newsworthy is a false dilemma.

    1. But are at least cogent enough to understand that there will be questions about MacArthur’s relatives being on the Boards of the churches and organizations in which he is the head right? You do understand that there is a reason why relatives and spouses are not the same branch in a company with one having direct supervision over another? The main reason is would be the risk of lack of objectivity regarding their qualifications or performance (either too lenient or too hard).

      Tell me how does MacArthur’s actions and reactions glorify God and encourages believers to live peaceably in society among others? Especially since he is held to a higher standard and will be held even more accountable to God than a regular churchgoer like Julie?

      The problem is _until_ those questions are answered (which they won’t, preferring instead to play the persecution and victim), none of this will go away. We are right now with John MacArthur people as we were in the bogus credentials scandal of Ravi. More questions will be asked, more digging, more research and eventually the complete and unvarnished truth will come out. What will you say then? Will you admit that you were wrong about John MacArthur?

    2. KC,

      I respectfully disagree with your argument regarding the examples you have given of ‘nepotism’ in the bible. It was common during biblical times for leadership to be handed down to the first born son. This is similar to what we see in England today – although the first born female child can inherit monarchy headship in England (not just male children). However, even in scripture the LORD chose *outside* the royal family when He wished – King David was of no direct familial relation to Saul and David was also not the eldest male of his family. The Church is the Bride of Christ, not a family owned business to be handed down to unbelieving and heretical offspring (e.g., Joel Osteen comes to mind). Stacking the deck of the Board of Directors or Elders with ‘yes men’ and ‘yes woman’ is not godly.

  11. Cm,
    Yes I do understand. I know the difference. I also know that Saul, Nehemiah, Joseph (Old Testament). The New Testament had it in the organization of the church. There are many other biblical characters that practice nepotism or were the result of nepotism. To equate or judge nepotism and partiality is stretching the Bible.

    Also, I actually have listened to what John was saying and he was clear that what is being said about him is nowhere near the persecution of a Apostle Paul. He basically said someone on the internet is trying to impact the ministry. The truth will come out. It is not about being right or wrong.

    “ Tell me how does MacArthur’s actions and reactions glorify God and encourages believers to live peaceably in society among others?””

    What does that mean? Are believers in the streets rioting? Anyone who has been in the pastorate will have people who dislike them. Mark it down, if your in ministry 2 Timothy 3:1-4:6 is apropos.

    You are right. In this sense he will have to answer to GOD. However, it is easy to deduce that people have acted foolishly and been Judge, prosecutor and jurors. They also have taken the Bible out of context.

    To equivocate Ravi and John is not responsible. It is not about being right or wrong. I would hate to be in the jury here that is unbiblical and does not practice 1 Corinthians 4:5. It is sin what is happening.

    So, when you prove what is charged that John MacArthur has a love for money and that he did not conflate his attacks to the persecution that Paul received. If you can prove his motives on this side of glory. So be it! But when will you admit that the Bible is being abused on this page for personal subjective reasons? Also there are times when the author has made it a practice to conflate her point and use subjective reasons as a buttress to her narrative.

    The idea of honorary Dr. is petty and hardly newsworthy. People who dislike it take it up
    Talbot Seminary. Someone better yell at Moody Bible Institute. They have had a President who is very Christ-like called Dr too. Having met these men. They prefer being called by their first name not Dr. I know many men with an honorary Dr. degree. Ministry is much more of exhaustion than education.

    Honestly I am not trying to tell people what to think. But to question the “how” and the “why”. By the way. I did not mention John MacArthur above. The point is being overlooked.

    1. KC,

      They also chose apostles by lot in the Book of Acts, and chose Prophets and Kings in the OT in other ways. The point is a hereditary political leader (like a King or other monarch) is different and you should know that.

      Second, you know full well that the early church was in a time of transition as it was _before_ Canon was completed. So to compare this transition time to make in normative today is flawed. Therefore you cannot make the nepotism occurring the NT church normative today for pastors any more than you can make choosing Apostles by lot as was done in selecting Matthias.

      Here is another verse that should give you pause about MacArthur:

      Proverbs 14:2 – Tell me isn’t MacArthur being devious in his ways by being secretive about things (no 990 forms after leaving ECFA for starters)?

      Finally, you _never_ did address the “above reproach” bit about MacArthur. What is the Greek word for that?

      Oh that’s right: ἀνέγκλητος (anegklētos). The root word κλητός (klētos) means called or summoned and in classical Greek has a legal connotation (e.g. being “summoned to court”). The related verb ἐγκαλέω (egkaleō) means to bring charges or press charges. The prefix ἀν- implies a negation, so that we can understand anegklētos as meaning something like cannot be charged with wrong doing.

      All of this suggests that the word carries a meaning of being blameless or above approach in the sense of not being able to be accused of any wrongdoing by anyone. Something that is clearly NOT the case for MacArthur AND Phil Johnson (as both have been accused of not only wrongdoing, but also violations of criminal LAW that have nothing to do with preaching the Gospel).

      But go ahead and continue to shoot the messenger. It won’t matter, as was the case with so many mega-church preachers, the critics and skeptics will be proved right AGAIN. I hope you have some sauce to go with the crow you will be eating in the near future.

  12. There is a very good movie that is free on Tubi about the 3 trials for the murder of Medgar Evers. The title is The Ghosts of Mississippi.
    Three other good historical movies are Schindler’s List, Mississippi Burning, and Rosewood.
    All are good reminders.

    1. So your equating the treatment of Jews, lynch attacks and are the people on this page the two FBI guys goi g to check up on the locals in Mississippi Burning? That either drastically minimizes true suffering or an exact reason why this page is sinking with comments. You prove my point.

      1. Silly goose, I was just recommending some good movies I have watched lately, not equating anything with anything.
        Why you always looking for a fight?
        Your rage gets the better of you to the point that you can’t even type well enough to make sense. You keep falling into your own pit.

        1. I’m not angry. I just didn’t know that this was also the movie recommendation site along with people bashing as you just did assuming I had rage that is why this page needs to be protected. You do the same assumptions on John MacArthur.

  13. One bad apple spoils the whole barrel. There are so many modern day faithful servants/pastors who are being used by the Almighty to preach His word. Many names come to mind John Piper, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever. All three are no longer welcomed in the Shepherd’s Conference because they dared to differ with John on non essentials, minor issues i.e. healing, social justice, pandemics. They differed not on theological matters but on charity, love for the flock, submission to authority. How Phil shame and cornered Al during the 2019 Shepherd’s conference on the social justice issue revealed Phil and of course John’s true character. They will shame a fellow pastor, friend and brother in front of thousands. Perhaps John is threatened by their character, integrity, humility. Desiring God audio sermons where made FREE long before Grace to You “unlocked” their vault. Just visit a Gospel Coalition Conference and you’d see hundreds of pastors, men, women, from different races and countries teaching as iron sharpens iron. While the shepherds conference is taught by the same bunch of their own elders year after year. All three godly men have plurality and independent minded elders in their chruches who decides. They don’t have mansions, feel entitled to draw big salaries and certainly don’t draw attention to themselves as God’s gift to christendom. They assign their royalties to the church. They waive their royalties so the publishers can print them at lower cost, give books away, translating and shipping them across the world while John gives them during conferences as a promotional item. There’s a great host of preachers that you will find in who preach in small churches, in unknown towns, struggling with finances but gifted, called, faithful nevertheless. Thank God for these men !!!

  14. John has made a habit of calling out big names like Billy Graham to tell them that they are wrong as if he is the only one who’s got it right and right all the time. Maybe, by calling out big names, thats how he becomes a big name too. Assuming what he was pontificating is “right”, it wasn’t done in humility, in private, motivated by love. Billy lead millions to faith, lived simply, walked humbly, no sham no shame. He is deeply loved and respected by leaders of nations and lowly men like me alike. God used Billy to plant the seed in me, God used Greg Laurie another humble great man of the faith to water it but only Christ made it grow. Our dear president Jimmy Carter is another great man of the faith, humbly living and faithfully teaching Sunday school in a small town. Not a single one feels entitled, demanded anything, gave all glory to the Lord while accomplishing much for the Lord. Because they know its the Lord’s work. Its never the number of years or number of sermons you’ve preached, its never the number of books you’ve written, many titans of the faith did their service in just a matter of hours and minutes but their legacy remains today like Jim Elliot, Eric Liddle. Its all about consistency, integrity and humility. They lived by grace, served with grace, because they understand grace.

  15. John called out Billy for these statements, “ Whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world, or the non-believing world, they are members of the body of Christ because they’ve been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus, but they know in their hearts they need something that they don’t have and they turn to the only light they have and I think they’re saved and they’re going to be with us in heaven. (interview with Robert Schuller, 5-31-1997)”

    All roads end up in the same destination?
    That is not even logical, let alone theological. I live in the Midwest and I used to live in Oregon. If I left my house and took I-80 East, even if my intentions are pure and I really really want to go to the Pacific Coast in Oregon. I will never get to the Pacific Coast. All roads do not end up at the same destination. That is why the quote by Billy is concerning.

    “ · I used to believe that pagans in far-off countries were lost — were going to h-e-l-l — if they did not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. I no longer believe that. … I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of God—through nature, for instance—and plenty of other opportunities, therefore, of saying ‘yes’ to God. (McCall’s magazine, Jan 1978)”

    That means by general revelation one can come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Not Biblical. Billy Graham was worth a lot more than John MacArthur is currently. There is nothing wrong to call out false doctrine. Paul did it in his 2nd letter to Timothy.

    John Piper and others had some of the same concerns. Some of his conclusions and associations in the gospel ministry were concerning.

    1. “For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.

      14 (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law.

      15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.)

      16 This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.”

  16. I haven’t seen anyone in these comments defend MacArthur regarding the focus of the news reported in this article, namely that he is claiming the recent scrutiny he is under is a result of him “proclaiming the truth” and being “bold about the gospel,” and is coming from “those who hate the gospel.” It seems even MacArthur’s staunchest defenders here recognize the utter nonsense and falsehood of these claims, even if someone like Phil Johnson would still call sincere Christians who might question MacArthur about a variety of serious concerns “evil,” etc..

    Regarding another topic MacArthur raised, does anyone have more info about his claim someone tried to kill him in his office on an Easter Sunday morning, e.g. other times MacArthur has discussed this, police reports, and pertinent details about this alleged incident?

  17. After all of this, all I see are John MacArthur’s vacant and dead eyes in the video still above.
    They speak more than anything he or anyone else has to say in his defense.

    1. Jesus speaks to living a life of service, storing up treasure in heaven versus here…. where do the multimillinaire preachers fit into this narrative- especially while they preach to those listening , give sacrificially. Cant ot be a blessing to have a impacting ministry and live a modest life? Obviously not for those who are filthy rich- from “ serving” no less. Its heartbreaking

  18. Jesus made the gospel free with his life, Paul made the gospel free working with his own hands. All I hear and see from John’s followers is how much he is worth the houses, royalties and salaries for preaching the gospel.

  19. 1 Cor 9 has 27 verses. “Just wage” defenders usually stop at verse 14. But 15-27 is where Paul made his case. In preaching the gospel, there is no ground for boasting, it is a necessity (because Paul was called) and woe to him if he does not. Preaching is done voluntarily, a stewardship to offer the gospel free of charge so he may partake in the work of Christ. His reward was in making the gospel free by not exercising his right! Though free from all men, Paul made himself a servant and all things to all men for the sake of the gospel. His focus was in the imperishable. He disciplines (denied himself) his own body so in preaching to others he is not disqualified.

    Paul’s message: It is in making the gospel free and denying oneself what one has a right to that makes us partakers of Christ’s work.

    Now, how do all these boasting of numerous books written and 50 years of preaching, big hidden salaries, royalties and mansions be consistent with Paul’s teachings ? Where a pastor seeks his reward is where his heart is.

    Paul’s love for Christ compelled him to make the gospel free instead of charging royalties. Paul chose the office of a servant of Christ and not a president, Paul motive for serving was his love for Christ and Christ’s love for him and not a life expecting rewards and benefits, a life of self denial rather than a life of entitlements. Paul chose the imperishable instead of earthly mansions. Paul didn’t boast about the number of epistles he authored in the new testament. Paul’s reward is making the gospel free, free, free.

  20. McArthur reminds me of a certain politician that is always denying his behavior and never taking responsibility and never asking for forgiveness. Christ stated one of our worst sins is pridefulness. And John will never believe he’s in the wrong. And just like our current politician his men will chase after him like he’s their god and never see they are being led down the path. It’s not about the log in the eye …it’s about truth.

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